A broken guitar string is as bad as a heartbreak. In fact, many guitarists say that a broken string hurts more! But, it happens to everyone including the professionals, and there’s nothing to panic about, really. A broken string doesn’t mean you have to buy a new one. You can actually make do with what you have and repair it without qualms. Let’s see how that’s possible:

Free the broken string

Find the relevant bridge pin and pull it (pop it) out and this will free up the broken string and release the ball. After this, start twisting the broken string around itself after pulling it over the ball. Don’t overdo this. 4 turns should be enough.

Go to the tuning post

guitar-tuning-pegOnce you have wound the string near the bridge pin, go to the tuning post and loosen the broken string from there. This will help you put the broken end in the peg hole without tension. Remember how many turns you made while twisting the broken string. This will tell you how much you should loosen the string at the tuning post.

Put the ball back into the peg

Carefully, put the ball back inside and replace the bridge pin. The pin should go in smoothly but if it doesn’t, try applying some pressure with your thumb.

tuning-guitar-pegGo back to the tuning post

For the last time now, start turning the key so that the tension is back to normal. You are done! Things to remember:
  1. Be careful about your bridge pin. It is quite small and easy to lose. Keep it in a safe place after the second step so that you find it easily later on.
  2. Be gentle throughout the process. Too much pressure or too many coils will make the situation worse.
  3. To avoid running out of string, you should never snap off the tails once you are done tuning. Just wind them and let them be at the machine end. Some people snap them off and have nothing to work with when a string breaks. Make sure you don’t make that mistake.
While the idea of repairing your string is quite handy and helpful, we must tell you that it isn’t a permanent fix. We urge you to try and replace the string as early as possible. Otherwise, you will end up having problems while tuning and playing your favourite songs.