What Your Instrument Says About You | Normans Blog
I was reading an interesting article recently and it mentioned different characteristics and behaviors that are often found in people that play a specific musical instrument. Some you may agree with; let me know what you think.


  • Ambitious and high-achieving. You take competition very seriously and will not settle for anything less than your best.
  • Do well with clear goals and directions set out, you like to be orgranised and know what you need to do.
  • Quiet as a child, this changed as you got older.


  • Sensitive and delicate and take great care in everything that you do. You are settled in your ways.
  • Easy to talk to and an enjoyment to be around. People enjoy spending time with you.
  • Big kid, you like to hold on to your childhood hobbies and enjoyments.
  • Dramatic and a good actor


  • Deep inner strength, this gives you confidence to make your own decisions. You're unafraid of the challenged that lie ahead.
  • Not afraid of being different, you see yourself as an individual
  • Use your elders as role models; you believe you can learn from their wisdom and past experiences.
  • Talented, you follow your instinct and doing this has done you well so far.
  • Play by your own rules and don't let others hold you back.


  • More likely to be a middle child or an only child. This can make you more of a sensitive individual.
  • Good imagination
  • Laid back, you often need guidance and some advice. Especially from your parents so you will attend band practice.
  • Kind, you think of others before yourself.
  • A loyal friend


  • Known to be loud and being with friends and family. You enjoy others company.
  • You need to be kept busy and find it hard to sit still.
  • People often look up to you; they enjoy your company and are impressed by your talents.
  • Like do things for others, your caring and often put others before yourself.


  • Very confident and stand out in a crowd.
  • Hard worker and very high achiever. You like to feel good about yourself this and do this by achieving your goals and ambitions.
  • Many wonder how you fit everything in as you overcome hurdles with ease.


  • Very talkative and fun to be around, you are sociable and easy to get along with.
  • You have a wide group of friends and even if you turn up somewhere not knowing many people you'll not hold back.
  • You never shy away and are ambitious about what you do.


  • You have a great sense of humor and stand out in a crowd
  • However you're very laid back and would rather take a back seat then be center of attention.
  • Your fun and being love to be around you. There is never a dull moment when you're around.
Thanks for reading, musicians decide whether you fit the descriptions of the instrument that you play or if you disagree with any. There may be some that haven't been included that you think are a characteristic of yours or fellow players. Please let me know :)