Originating from Trinidad and Tobago, the steel pan is a fantastic, fun instrument to start on. The Jumbie Jam has become a key product in music education, giving younger players the perfect starting point.

Jumbie Jam in the classroom

Having similar characteristics to the drums, the Jumbie Jam is probably one of the easiest instruments to play for any beginner. Simply by striking the included mallets into the centre of a note, you get a sound. If that’s not easy, I don’t know what is. Jumbie Jam features 8 notes from the chromatic scale, so the repertoire is much more open than other instruments.

Do they take up much room?

Jumbie Jams do come included with legs and feet, meaning they can be easily set and stood up for classroom group playing. For those classrooms that are space-limited, there’s another option. ‘Table Top’ pans have also become very popular, due to the fact they can be played on a desk, producing the same fantastic sound. If you are looking to buy for your class, we offer the Jumbie Jams in a pack of 4 which make a great addition to your music lessons!

What can I play on them?

steel-panEffectively, anything. Having a full scale of notes really opens the door to the type of music that can be explored. Available to download is a Beginner’s Guide and Song Book, providing an excellent starting point for classroom sessions.