Three of the most talked about instruments here at Normans, both Axus and Yamaha Digital Pianos are ever-growing in popularity. But which one should you buy? Let’s look at which one is best for your money.

Axus AXD2

Why not start off with the Axus AXD2, A ‘Normans’ exclusive model. We have found it to develop profoundly in the last few years, with ‘big branded’ instruments taking an inevitable price rise. For less than £600, the quality you get is unbelievable, very similar to Yamaha digital pianos. axus-digital-pianoBasics first. The AXD2 comes as expected; 88 gradually weighted, touch responsive keys. This is a full size digital piano, housed in a lovely wooden cabinet. Carrying on with the traditional piano trend, the D2 houses 3 piano-style pedals to help express all your styles. However, the AXD2 is unique in a way, down to all the different functions it has. Most digital pianos at this price mainly focus on 1 sound, and a basic recording system. Not the AXD2 however, as this comes pre-loaded with 128 voices and a range of backing accompaniments. It can do most things that a keyboard can! The AXD2 is one I personally recommend to any new or professional player, who wants quality for an affordable price.

Yamaha YDP144

yamaha-digital-piano The YDP144; Succeeding its predecessor YDP143, this continues to deliver a striking piano tone with a truly realistic key action. Price wise, it does go up to £700 +, mainly because of the Yamaha name and sound that’s printed on it. In terms of specs, it’s got less on it than the AXD2 believe it or not. Being a Yamaha instrument, it focuses on the CFX Concert Grand Piano voice and not so much on the other ‘bells & whistles’. You do get around 10 different sounds to play around with in total, but it’s a much more condensed instrument. Everything else is pretty much the same; Headphone connection, in-built recording, 3 pedals, 88 notes etc. The only big difference is the colours you can buy it in!

Yamaha YDP164

yamaha-pianoLet’s move to one of Yamaha’s most popular digital pianos. Or as we like to call it, the big brother to the YDP144. Again, spec-wise, there’s nothing majorly new in this. Although you would expect to see something big, as it’s priced at £1000 +. One of the main differences between these pianos is the size. Put next to the YDP144, the actual cabinet is very slightly bigger and bulker. This is down to an improved 2 x 20 W amplifier system, giving you a much deeper tone. However, in terms of voices and recording, it’s all the same.

In conclusion

There’s not as much to talk about with the Yamaha range, as the general specs are near enough the same as each other. Like anything, you pay for the name. It also shows why the Axus AXD2 has become our biggest digital piano here at Normans, due to the amount of different features you get for your money. axus-and-yamaha-digital-pianos

We do have this piano set up at our store in Burton, so feel free to pop in and see for yourself!