An essential piece of equipment for gigging musicians and students taking their keyboard to lessons, Keyboard Bags are very handy to have just in case you need to move your instrument from A to B. We stock a range of different keyboard bags and cases here at Normans, which are perfect for the majority of models, regardless of brand or design! Keyboard bags are available in a range of different sizes, materials and brands. It can be a difficult choice sometimes to make sure you get the best protection for your instrument, and so I’ve come up with this helpful little blog to (hopefully) make that decision easier! Let’s go through them and have a look to see what we’ve got!

rocket-keyboard-bagRocket Carry Bags

If you take your keyboard over to your friend’s house for a practice session, or have your weekly music lesson at school, a simple carry bag will do just the job! Available in either a 61 or 88 note version, Rocket Bags are made from a high-quality nylon material, which makes carrying your keyboard less of a hassle. The bags feature two large pockets, which are perfect for storing your power supply and any music books you need. These can both be fastened with the Velcro strips, so nothing falls out!

keyboard-bagStagg Padded Bags

Needing something a little bit more padded but not ‘over the top’? We have access to a range of Stagg Keyboard Bags which have some more interior padding designed to cushion your instrument. Again, these still have the carry handle on top, along with an accessory pocket on the side. For extra portability, the bag has two backpack style straps which gives you another easy way of carrying your keyboard.

keyboard-caseGator Keyboard Cases

The most heavy-duty cases that we stock. Gator. Available in a 61, 76 or 88 note case, Gator are world renowned for the security they provide to your keyboard. Many of their cases include a solid carry handle and wheels, so you can transport it much easier. Inside, you’ll find two highly padded Velcro straps which secure around your keyboard to limit movement. Don’t forget the storage of course! You’ll find a dedicated zip pocket to keep adaptors, music, USB sticks and all sorts all on hand ready. These Gator cases really can carry all!