The maintenance and upkeep of your Cello is just as important as your practice. Similar to a cars MOT, your Cello should have regular checks to keep it in pristine working order. Here at Normans Musical Instruments we supply the exclusive and excellent value-for-money Forenza accessories. A brand dedicated to musicians and their beloved instruments.


Strings are the most common accessory, and a necessity! You should carry spares with you at all times; they do break you know (from 8 minutes 25 seconds to end). cello-stringsNormans Musical Instruments stock a large quantity of quality Forenza replacement Cello strings to suit all sizes of Cello. The Forenza Cello String Sets (amazingly, for under £15!) are constructed from a steel core that is durable & not affected by changes in humidity & temperature. They produce a warm, resonant tone and provide a good, and consistent bow response. Available in 2 applicable sizes; Full size (which are also suitable for 3/4 size) and 1/2 Size (which are also suitable for 1/4 size). Each is a complete set containing the C, G, D and A strings. Remember, don’t wait until a string breaks, always carry a spare set!


A much needed, yet inexpensive accessory. Forenza Cello Rosin will give your bow the correct level of adhesiveness to ensure accurate articulation and response. Forenza is by far our most popular rosin brand due to its quality and price of under £4! The rectangular design allows for easy application and provides the perfect friction between the bow and string. Top-Tip; always sand/rub down a little of any new rosin blocks to help adhesion, plus don’t press too hard and break the hairs from your bow.


The Forenza Cello bows are perfect as a replacement bow for any brand of Cello. They have been designed especially for students, younger players, beginners and clumsy Cellists! Continuing with Forenza’s ethos of affordable, yet outstanding quality of bow making, their Cello Bows are excellent. Carefully selected Brazil wood and horsehair result in a consistent performance. The lighter the bow the more manoeuvrability, however a slightly heavy bow can assist in producing more sound. These Forenza Cello Bows have been designed ‘to offer the best of both’ to produce a great sound without fatigue.


Obviously, your beloved Cello case can become damaged or zips break etc. and you require a suitable replacement. At Normans Musical Instruments we can guarantee to provide you with an affordable and high quality Forenza case for your Cello. We stock two models of Forenza cases; the Forenza Prima 2 Style padded bag, and the hard, professional Forenza Deluxe Cello Case. cello-caseThe Prima 2 style padded bags are an excellent replacement case. Lightweight, yet thick padded, with a lined and shaped interior to protect your instrument from scuffs and scratches. They have a pocket compartment for your rosin and accessories and an external bow pocket to protect your bow. A strong carrying handle is an option to the padded and comfortable back-straps. These make it perfect for easy transportation! Available for all sizes of Cello from ¼ size to Full size. The premium designed Forenza Deluxe Cello Case provides the ultimate protection for precious instruments. With a firm, solid exterior this case will safeguard your Cello from the hard-knocks of travelling and transportation. A beautifully shaped interior lined with a plush, burgundy velour are a luxury, yet affordable protective layer for all Full-Sized Cello’s. There is an internal compartment for accessories and 2 bow retainers, and on the outside, carry straps, handle and wheels. Yes, wheels!!


Finally, stability! The Forenza Cello Slipstop is a simple solution to prevent spikes slipping when you are playing. Easy to use, made of resilient rubber, it easily adheres to the floor and accepts your spike at a natural playing angle. So, if you are fortunate enough to play a wonderful Cello (provided by Normans Musical Instruments naturally), please let us keep your instrument in perfect working condition with our vast range of Forenza accessories. And, if you are unfortunate enough to have a ‘little accident’ with your Cello, don’t panic! Normans are your very own ‘Emergency Service’. Don’t call ‘999’, call 01283535333!!