Loving Your pTrumpet!
Like all instruments, the pTrumpet needs some TLC. However, it is also very important this TCL is specialised TLC. If you treat your pTrumpet exactly like a regular model you will run into problems.


Your pTrumpet is lined with BioCote. This agent kills microorganisms and inhibits their growth. As such, there's no need for the deep clean that Brass Trumpets will need periodically. All you'll need to do is wash the outside with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Be sure you use a lint free cloth to dry it off after. While you do this, take extra care to never get water in the valves. That would just be asking for trouble. The only other cleaning you may want to do is mouthpiece based. If using a traditional metal mouthpiece with your pTrumpet, you can just pop this in boiling water to keep it clean. This is especially recommendable just after you've had a period of illness, like a cold. With a plastic mouthpiece a steri-spray can be a good alternative to this.


To keep your pTrumpet well maintained, all you really need to do is keep on top of your valves. So, just like with a Brass Trumpet you'll need brushes and cloths and lots of oil... that would be a firm no. Don't do that. To keep things tickety-boo just follow these four steps:
  1. Remove each piston, and clean and dry the piston and inside of the valve casing with a lint free cloth.
  2. In the early stages of use, some wear of the piston surface is normal and extra cleaning may be needed as the valve system beds in.
  3. Ensure there is no obstruction or plastic residue inside the valve casing itself, especially around the ports. You can run your fingertips inside the valve casing to feel for any rough edges.
  4. When playing the pTrumpet, hold the valve block with a relaxed left hand as excessive tension in the hand-grip may cause compression of the valve casing and sticking of the valves.

Need some more help? Have a look at the official pTrumpet Care Guide here.