trumpets and cornets

Introducing the brilliant new Montreux Concert Series Bb Cornet. Heritage Brass. Perfect for the Advancing Musician who wants the best value for money Cornet on the market!

Don't worry, I was as excited as you when I read the specs and design quality. I come from a time of Jim Shepherd, Black Dyke, Pandora, and the Tuba section constantly first at the bar, and last! These days of great Brass Bands had their foundations on tradition, tonal excellence, and the impressive high-end reliability of Boosey & Hawkes... God Bless their soul.

Ladies & Gentlemen, after many years development and design, the 'soul' of Boosey is back! I give you, 'Montreux'. Tonal superiority, exquisite silver plate finish, and most importantly, affordable. The Cornet is nearly a third the cost of an equally spec'd Sovereign. Play them & compare! Then look at your healthier bank balance; easy decision!

Let me tell you...

As you remove it from the deluxe protective case, you instantly know you have something of precious musical quality. While the finger prints are unavoidable - as they are with all Silver finished Instruments - it polishes up a treat. I found myself gently rubbing it with my silver cloth, not as a requirement, but as a sign of respect and admiration, like a newly found 'lamp' but the Genie is always providing me with my wish; a great sound, projection and performance!

Protect at all costs

Moving on from the - surprisingly beautiful - Cornet is the equally well designed and well constructed case. Tough nylon exterior, thick strong handles, and a well sized accessory pocket. It even has optional back-pack style straps. Pretty and Practical, what's not to love?

Basic? Not this...

I was so happy when I saw the beautiful THIRD AND FIRST valve triggers on this sweet piece of kit. As a tiny person with tiny hands the more 'basic' slides you often get at this price point are my nemesis. I can just about get my little finger through and - even after a decade+ of trying - said finger is still to weak to move the slide. #Infuriating

And these triggers... they are niiiiiice. The springs have good tension and are sturdy enough that they really should stand the test of time and playing. The same can be said for the water keys. (Yes, keys plural.) It's just a really nice piece of kit.

At the end of the day, it's all about the sound!

Ultimately, this instrument offers incredible quality for money which can only be matched by far more expensive Besson and Yamaha models. More importantly, the Traditional Brass Band sound that this instrument aspires to is clearly achieved. This is a well balanced, well tuned instrument that will fit seamlessly into any Brass section. Everything from the high quality case to the pleasing weight of the valves makes this a great instrument for the advancing musician.

If you are looking into upgrading your Cornet, and want to astound and make a great impression on the world of Brass, taking key factors like price, quality and sound into consideration, this would be my first choice. My only choice.

Prepared to be amazed at Montreux! Taking inspiration in its design, materials and build quality from some of the greatest, professional Cornets available, the new Montreux ECR01 is definitely ‘punching above its weight’.