Montreux Concert Series Tenor Horn | Professional Quality
For the advancing and dedicated musician, the brand new Montreux Tenor Horn combines a professional quality with value for money. Designed with the traditional British Brass Band sound in mind, it offers superior tonal qualities and sound projection along with features often only found on professional instruments. No Joke. It's that good. You're Welcome. This Tenor Horn is a delight to play. It free blowing, allowing you a full pitch and dynamic range. It's comfortable to hold while having the highest quality finish. It has an amazing tone: Even when played by me. AKA someone who is categorically not a Tenor Horn player... It's so good it's very nearly persuaded me to pick it up on a more permanent basis.

Built for you*

*Assuming you are a Brass Band player looking for a high quality Silver Horn at an incredibly reasonable price.
From inception to conception the Traditional Brass Band sound has been front and foremost in the designers minds. Happily this really shines through. The smooth flowing precision engineered valve block allows for accurate articulation. On the flip side, the high quality silver-plate finish will help you achieve an idyllic tonal. So, on top of great sound, great feel, great look and great price this instrument also has a great case. This case will perfectly protect in day to day life. A strong solid case, with faux leather trim, tough nylon cover and a sturdy handle it's the addition of Back-pack style straps that make this case a dream.

The Sensible Choice

So, you're not swayed by good looks and a easy carry case. Good for you, you're a smart shopper. Here's what should sway you.

1. High build quality

2. Precision engineering

3. Top materials used

4. Mouthpiece included

5. Strong case that will last the rigors of everyday life with aplomb

6. Price

The initial points are all highly important considerations. Yet it is the instruments price that puts it head and shoulders above it's competition. With comparable models coming in at well over £200 higher in price this Montreux Instrument is the perfect piece of kit for the committed beginner, Progressing Student or the Adult Amateur who doesn't want the sizeable investment of a Professional Model.