Montreux Concert Series Eb Tuba | Professional Quality

Round One

‘Ding, Ding’, welcome to the Montreux Eb Tuba, Heavyweight Champion of the World! Better than Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, or even Rocky Balboa.

Strong, resilient, powerful, immense, and yet with the sublime ability to be sensitive and supportive. A born winner.

On opening the (large) box, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the case. Tough nylon exterior, thick strong handle, nice leather panels, rubber ‘buffers’, and wheels. You can see that Montreux have gone to a lot of trouble to fully protect your new Tuba. They have focussed on ease of transport, for both the Tuba, and for sheet music with a great pocket.


Round Two

The finish is outstanding. A luscious and deep nickel silver plating covering the vast surface area. No expense has been spared! A great deal of attention to detail has obviously gone into the manufacturing process. Every joint is unblemished, every brace perfectly enforcing the structure. The main valve block and 4th valve have a ‘Rolls Royce’ class about them. Smooth, quiet, understated efficiency as they travel. Beautiful pearlescent cap inserts amplify the touch and articulation. Montreux is becoming the first name in professional and musical functionality and reliability. This Tuba is the proof.

Round Three – knockout!

Many Eb Tubas on the market cost thousands more than the Montreux EEB01, simply due to their name and heritage. Let me remind you, Montreux was the historical home of the Boosey & Hawkes factory for many decades. It was their professional designs, with a traditional British Brass Band sound, that has been the inspiration for Montreux. I can assure you that Montreux continues with this ethos of high quality instrument manufacture, and only supplies the finest, professional quality you expect.

It is the immense, sonorous sound that will astound you. Imagine Wagner, Sibelius, Holst, Prokofiev and Mordor(!) all combined. In all registers, the tone is consistent and imposing. The intonation is accurate throughout all valves, and most importantly, at all volumes. This Eb Tuba projects during fortissimo passages, as well as Pianissimo sections, with ease. One word that sums up this Tuba, is ‘control’. Your tone will carry and offer the foundations that all the very best bands strive for.


Unanimous Decision

Excellence and quality combined, the Montreux Concert Series has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard. A professional standard.

This new EEB01 Eb Tuba is definitely ‘punching above its weight’, and is a true champion!