When picking a music stands for band,

It's vital ya choice is no' bland.

It need ta be strong,

Easy ta carry along,

An simple ter set up by hand.

Anon. c. 1870.


The lightweight - heavy duty stand

rocket-heavy-duty-music-standThe Rocket Heavy Duty MS04BK Stand weighs in at just 1.4 kg. Couple this with the Strong carry case supplied with it, this stand is perfect for bands where everyone is responsible for their own kit. Highly portable, the rubber feet ensure it will be stable on any surface. The extending side arms means the MS04 can hold any width music and the height adjustment from 55 - 125 cm means it can be adjusted for any player. Once you also bear in mind that these are only £11, it could be that these are the perfect stands for band.

A Rainbow of stands... If Rainbows included chrome

These stands are Red and Blue and Purple and Chrome and Black. Basically a rainbow. Clearly they are perfect for a band that value individuality while ensuring they have a consistently robust and quality product. As a cherry on top, they even come with a carry bag that will protect the pretty finishes from the ware and tear of life.

A (slightly) heavier heavy duty stand

folding-music-standWeight: 1.5 kg. Height Adjustable: 58.5 cm - 122 cm No bag included. Now, we know what you're thinking. Why on Earth would anyone buy this over the MS04BK? It's even the same colour! Well, in all fairness, it is - slightly - more robust than it's rocket counter part and offers nicer screw adjustments. Where it wins is with the depth of the music desk. 4 point 2 centimetres. Chunky book of studies? No problemo.

- The Next Level -

Like to get real bang for your buck?

orchestral-music-stand If the answer is an Austin Powers style Yeah Baby, yeah then have a long hard look at the Rocket MS05BK. This heavy duty is the real strong and stable this country needs. Made of tubular steel, it is both robust and lightweight when compared to similar stands. This consideration around keeping the weight down is mirrored in the music rest itself. By having rows of holes through this section the weight is kept down, (and a little sunlight let in.) Staying on the subject of the music rest at 49 x 35 cm, the rest has ample room for sheet music and books, with a shelf depth of 6cm. That's deep. All in all, this is a stand that laughs in the face of the monstrosity of Arbans complete works, knowing it is more that up to the job holding it in place.


Okay, no problem, chill your beans. Is Blue - Green - Purple - Yellow enough colours for you? Jeeze... purple-symphony-standTrusting that you have now calmed down and blue-green-purple-red-yellow-white stands sound great, then check out the nitty-gritty spec below. You'll be even more impressed. (Although it is likely that is not a guarantee and you can't hold me responsible if you're not.)
  • Lightweight: 2.46kg
  • 3kg Capacity
  • Adjustable Stand Height: 65 - 127cm (floor to desk lip)
  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty


Onto my personal favourite, dream stand: The RAT 88Q01 Alto stand. This piece of kit is light, super easy to adjust and has a pencil shelf. Furthermore, compared to some other pull adjustable stands that will remain unnamed, this design is faaar more robust and faaar more of a challenge to break.
  • Superb quality stand with a revolutionary design
  • Polymer tray with rounded ages is safe to use and bounces back if bent
  • Additional tray for pencils and smaller instruments
  • Durable, anodized aluminium stem is lightweight yet very resilient
  • Friction locks provide easy adjustment without additional knobs
  • The base is made from durable polymer material with rubber feet
  • Bigger height adjustment makes the stand perfect for anyone
  • Easily stackable design, ideal for bands and classrooms
  • Height measured from floor to lower edge of score adjustable between 715 - 1601 mm
  • Tray size excluding pencil shelf: 503 x 323 mm (19’’ x 12’’)
  • Weight of stand: 2.3 kg
There is nothing not to love about this stand. Nothing. At. All.

- Breaking out the big, none violent, guns -

You're impressed by the stands above. (Not a question.) But you need something... more. Specifically something that comes in a massive pack with an easy way to store and transport said massive pack. Rat and Manhasset hear you.

Well, RAT presents to you the trolley...

jazz-trolley RAT 69Q7 Jazz Trolley

  • Trolley with 2 fixed wheels
  • Holds 24 "Jazz" stands
  • 61 x 57 x 127 cm
  • Heavy duty construction- nylon coated frame
  • Easy steer
  • Weight 15kg


RAT 88Q04 Alto Stand Trolley

  • Durable, well-made trolley designed to hold up to 16 stands
  • Excellent trolley for music stands, made for the RAT 88Q01 models
  • 4 wheels with brakes and metal handle for easy transportation
  • 164 x 52 x 20cm

RAT 59Q2 Performer Trolley

  • Holds up to 18 Performer Stands
  • 173 x 58 cm
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy to steer

Manhasset favour stands for their stands...


Manhasset 1910 Storage Cart

  • Strong and reliable music stand trolley made in the USA
  • Holds up to 25 Manhasset music stands
  • Designed to allow easy removal of music stands and convenient storage
  • Dimensions: 233 x 109 x 56cm
  • Weight: 22kg

Manhasset MAN1920 Short Storage Cart

  • Strong and reliable music stand trolley made in the USA
  • Holds up to 12 Manhasset music stands
  • Designed to allow easy removal of music stands and convenient storage
  • Dimensions: 150 x 109 x 56cm
  • Weight: 14.55kg

Manhasset MAN1980 Storage Cart

  • Strong and reliable music stand trolley made in the USA
  • Holds up to 15 Manhasset Harmony stands
  • Designed to allow easy removal of music stands and convenient storage