Guitar straps are vital if you want to play the guitar standing up, whether you’re performing, or you just find it more comfortable to stand while playing. electric-guitar-strapYou can spend as little or as much as you want on a guitar strap, as they are available for under £5, or you could spend up to hundreds for high quality leather straps. The main things to think about are comfort, quality, and in many cases, appearance. Largely, standard guitar straps are usually only available for Acoustic or Electric guitars. Classical or Nylon strings will often adhere to the traditional design, which is catered for playing sitting down. There are soundhole strap options, but to use a traditional strap on these, a bit of DIY work is needed!

Basic Guitar Straps

For a nice affordable option, the Rocket Nylon Guitar Straps are great. They are available in Blue, Black or Red, meaning you should be able to find a colour to suit your guitar. While low in price, they are very durable. Though, if you are using a heavy guitar, you may want something a bit more padded. nylon-guitar-strap

Padded Straps

Padded straps are usually more expensive. The padding often comes in the form of a stand-alone shoulder pad. However, some guitar straps are often fully padded along the whole length. These straps will provide more comfort, though fewer options are often available in terms of colours or patterns.

pattern-guitar-strapPatterned Guitar Straps

Patterned guitar straps are very common, and often very popular. Whether you want a visual pattern, or something text based, people will often search around for something that suits them. The Fender guitar straps are a great example of an attractive, yet comfortable patterned guitar strap.

Strap Locks

strap-buttons-locking-systemUsually, a guitar strap will be stable enough without any additional support. Some people do suffer from their strap coming away from the guitar. Personally, after around 10 years of performing, this has only happened to me once. But, added security is always a good thing. Strap locks, which replace your strap buttons, can ensure some added stability.