Made with expert craftsmanship, A-Star have created a wide range of percussive instruments that great resources both for music and for cross-cultural studies.

animal-clapperAnimal Clapper

Produced using traditional local woods and discs suspended with strong rope, the dolphin shaped Animal Clapper is the first of our world percussion, and is a fun addition to the classroom. It produces a unique, wooden sound which can develop the understanding of percussive timbres.

beaded-shakerBeaded Shaker

Featuring netted beads over a coconut maraca, this Beaded Shaker is great for drumming groups. With a variation of uses, you can shake, twist or hit in the palm of your hand for different sounds.

caxixi-shakerCaxixi Shaker

This Caxixi Shaker is made from rattan and coconut, giving a classic African music vibe. With internal beads, this shaker produces an authentic percussive sound and is easy to play by all age groups. But, we understand the word Caxixi looks very complicated. Simply pronounce it ka-shee-shee.

frog-scraperFrog Scraper

Made from sustainable wood by traditional Balinese wood workers, these Frog Scrapers are great quality and a fun option for the classroom. Scrape the back, or tap different parts of the frog with the included beater for different wooden sounds.

a-star-kalimbaPainted Kalimba

Made from a coconut shell and metal keys, this Kalimba produces a beautiful sound when the notes are played. Featuring unique and beautiful designs, this will encourage children to play. The hand-painted designs are based on centuries-old styles, so you can explore the history as well as music.

rainstick-woodblockRainstick Woodblock

There are many ways to play this Rainstick Woodblock, opening students to be creative. For example, you can use it as a tropical rainstick, shaker or blocks to create different sounds and tones.

seed-shakerSeed Shaker

Made from seed pods from trees in Bali and a sustainable soft wood handle, this Seed Shaker is produced from natural resources. It produces a high pitched, multi-timbre sound, and is a great addition to the classroom. A great way to learn about world music.

squeezer-shakerSqueezer Shaker

This Shaker is great for developing your creative side. Play in many different ways, such as shaking or squeezing to produce different tones. Made with goatskin, you can decorate this in any way you like.

thunder-drumThunder Drum

With a deep, rumble effect, this Thunder Drum is perfect for suspense and ambience in performances. Made from Eastern wood, learn about the different textures and tones of different materials. With a hollow wooden carved body to amplify the sound, this is great for stage effects for example.


Supplied with a beater, this two-tone woodblock produces a crisp and bright sound with the choice of two tones. With beautiful designs, this TikTok is great for learning about rhythm and tones and is therefore a great addition to the classroom.

world-clavesWorld Claves

Ideal for younger performers, this is one of the simplest of percussive instruments. Producing a loud and clean sound, these Claves are a great option for Latin music and percussion groups. In addition, there are unlimited rhythms with claves, so you can get as creative as you like.

djembe-world-percussion3 Inch Painted Mini Djembe

Designed for students, these Djembes feature beautiful, hand painted designs, high quality wood and natural heads with rope tuning. As a result, these are great for learning about different cultures and creating different sounds and rhythms.

djembe-world-percussion8 Inch Djembe | Deep Carved

Specially designed for long term use such as in schools, this djembe is made from solid wood, natural heads and rope tuning. Turned from mahogany, pre-stretched natural goat skin and a rubber base for protection, this is a long-lasting, excellent value Djembe.

15 Player Multicultural Basket

If you would like a selection of all the above and more, this Multicultural Basket contains 15 different authentic instruments. Better value for money, this is a great option for group work and activities. Moreover, there are endless variations of sounds and tones to experiment with and is a perfect introduction to world percussion and music. With this pack comes a traditional bamboo reed basket, perfect for storage. a-star-world-percussion

30 Player Multicultural Basket

Similar to the latter is this 30 Player Basket. Containing more world percussion instruments to choose from, this pack is better for a classroom environment. All the instruments are authentic and multicultural inspired and made with traditional techniques by hand and recycled material. This is a great way of learning about world musical cultures and geographical importance. Stored in a bespoke bamboo reed basket, this is perfect for the classroom and for storage. a-star-world-percussion