Our Partnership with The Strings Club

We are thrilled to be working in partnership with The Strings Club, who offer highly-rated Holiday Camps and term-time Schools Programmes for children aged 4-11. Together, we're igniting children’s love of music-making by providing high-quality ukuleles, guitars and violins for use in The Strings Club Holiday Camps!

Founded in 2012, The Strings Club are truly passionate about sharing the benefits of music with others. Their unwavering commitment to fostering creativity, building confidence, and instilling a lifelong love for music aligns perfectly with our values at Normans Musical Instruments. Music has a powerful impact on a child’s development from increasing levels of confidence to improving focus and teamwork skills, that's why The Strings Club is on a mission to profoundly improve the wellbeing of a million children in the next 5 years.

At Normans Musical Instruments, we share The Strings Club's passion for music education. We believe that providing access to high-quality instruments is pivotal in nurturing a genuine appreciation for music among young learners. Our collaboration aims to enhance these experiences by supplying top-quality ukuleles, guitars and violins, designed to ignite curiosity and amplify the learning process for children attending the Holiday Camps.

Crafted with precision and tailored for young musicians, these instruments boast durability, superior sound quality and ease of use. Designed to withstand the enthusiastic strums and plucks of budding musicians, these ukuleles, guitars and violins are the perfect companion for kids exploring their musical talents.

You can find out more about The Strings Club here and follow them on social media to witness the magic of music education in action and help to support initiatives that promote music education for children.