3rd Avenue Soprano Ukulele Pack

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3rd AvenueSKU: STX40NPK

Color: Natural
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Making sure that you’ll always sound great, these 3rd Avenue models are ideal for first time beginners, education or ensemble work. This ukulele is a soprano (21 inch) sized model which is the easiest to get your hands around, especially for younger players.

Equipped with a carry bag so you can take your uke everywhere you go, whether that be school, lessons, friend’s house or even on holiday! In this great value bundle, you also receive a spare set of nylon strings, clip-on tuner, wooden stand, picks, strap and fret note stickers.

"...It plays well, and the nut is cut deep enough to allow the strings to sustain, and for the intonation to stay true all the way up the neck of the ukulele up into the higher registers. It feels good under the palms and the frets on the underside have been filed back to avoid catching your fingers on them (which for children can be quite painful, and off-putting!). It is sturdily built and feels comfortable to play. As with all new stringed instruments, they take a while to hold their tune, but after a couple of days it is holding its tune quite well (only needing a half-turn or so to get it to pitch, rather than winding and winding for quite some time!). For a budget ukulele, it is good quality for its price. I've played the Stagg equivalent quite recently, and this 3rd Ave is much better!" - Ashley from A.S. Music Tuition

Features and Specification:

  • Ideal starter uke
  • Natural matt finish
  • Geared tuning pegs
  • White plastic machine heads
  • Nylon carry bag
  • Ideal for ensembles and education
  • Great value price tag

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