pbuzz-at-primary-school You may be interested in the pBuzz but are unsure what to do with them, let alone teach children. However, you may be a fully-fledged pBuzz supporter and would love even more resources to teach. What could make a pBuzz any better…? An Online pBuzz Teaching Resource! Yes, all your prayers have been answered.

What does the pBuzz Teaching Resource Pack contain?

This award-winning teaching resource is designed with non-specialist teachers in mind. Teachers who lack confidence in teaching music will find this online platform invaluable. Teachers who may be very confident about teaching music can also use this resource to aid their lessons, increasing the level of interaction and musical development. Ideal for KS1, the pBuzz teaching resource covers the National Curriculum for Music at Years 1 and 2. Brimming full of lesson plans, assessment trackers, teacher support videos, specially composed music, teacher development materials and cross-curricular activities.

pbuzz-SCHOOLHow will this resource benefit my teaching?

Not only does this resource support you as a teacher, it supports your school’s musical curriculum whilst also getting more children engaged playing brass music at a younger age. Ensuring those fundamental skills are there for progressing their musical journey. “Our passion is introducing children to music - especially to playing brass. We have designed an affordable low-cost instrument to enable children, particularly in schools, to begin a passion for music and brass instruments that they will hopefully continue throughout their life,” - Chris Fower (Chris helped develop the pBuzz), Warwick Music Group

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Download the full pBuzz Teaching Resource...

To get the full resource, there’s no extra cost, however, you must have purchased at least one pBuzz Education Bundle for your education establishment. If you’ve purchased a pBuzz Education Bundle, you can enter your school’s details and download your free teaching resource by clicking here. download-pbuzz-resource-pack

The pBuzz Education Bundle

pBuzz-education-bundleThe pBuzz Education Bundle contains 15 pBuzz’s, 15 extra mouthpieces, 1 x teaching book and a handy box to fit everything in. Great for storing in the classroom, or transporting between music lessons. The teaching book that comes with the pBuzz pack can also be used in KS2. The pBuzz is a brilliant instrument, it becomes most effective when partnered with a structured teaching resource. Music Education Solutions had great fun in developing the materials and assets to help teachers; these resources help in creating opportunities for more kids to experience successful music making early on. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can either use the live chat, email education@normans.co.uk or call 01283 535333.