plastic brass

Perfection in Plastic

Presumably everyone has now heard of the Plastic Instrument invasion? You know, the one where at first scepticism reigned throughout brass musicians worldwide! But resulted (once they had actually played them!) in a pleasing and enthusiastic acceptance. The pBone, pTrumpet, pCornet and pBuzz are here to stay. These brilliant instruments are the final frontier in plastic design. Perfect for children and schools, as well as more experienced players who want a great sounding and good looking ‘horn’.

'Buzz Lightyear'

The pBuzz is aimed at younger children and is a new and fun alternative to the traditional recorder……or Maths! Technically the pBuzz is a super simplified version of a Trombone so it’s a great first stepping stone into the world of brass performance. Basically indestructible (tick), Easy to play (tick), great classroom fun (tick), ridiculously cheap (tick). The six-note range shown on the coloured inner slide makes it easier to teach children a few different methods of pitching and notation. Comes ready to go with suitable mouthpiece. “To Infinity and Beyond”!

red-pboneBone Idol!

Warwick Music Group’s first 100% plastic instrument was the pBone. Naturally, it took the world of musical instruments by storm, especially when the great Jiggs Whigham endorsed it! Its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down either as more and more beginners and professionals give it a go. Of course, the first attraction is the array of fun colours the instrument comes in. Next, you’re astounded by how lightweight it is. When you first pick it up, you’ll no doubt put a bit too much muscle into it so be careful you don’t go throwing it over your shoulder… The much lighter weight of 1.8lbs makes it easier to play, especially for school children. There is also the pBone Mini which is a much smaller alto trombone. This is ideal for young players and a great way to dive into learning the craft; as a brass trombone can weight around 7kg plus! Another key feature is how incredibly robust and durable the plastic instrument is, in comparison to its brass counterpart. You don’t have to worry about dropping it and causing horrible dents and best of all, being completely waterproof means no water damage! Of course, the traditional brass trombones are designed to last much longer and when carefully looked after will stay in great condition; but the pBone offers you the added bonus of being more easily transportable due to its featherweight.

Tonal Recall

Fact; this plastic trombone sounds superb! With a .500” bore and 8” bell the pBone offers a consistent sound quality and is versatile enough to offer a high or low register. You will find the pBone to be a well-balanced, mature and rich sounding instrument; that offers a great taste into what can be achieved when developing their trombone playing skills. It comes with a plastic mouthpiece but is compatible with any small shank brass mouthpiece. The pBone is a fantastic choice for a beginner looking for a budget buy in the brass family. It is great value for money to get you started or a fun addition to an experienced players’ repertoire.

Get Down with the Trumpets

Since the pBone had been so successful, the next step would be to have the trumpet follow in its footsteps. Thus, the pTrumpet, the very first 100% plastic trumpet was born. At only 500g, half the weight of its brass cousin, you can take it anywhere you want to play without having to build up to lugging it around with you. The pTrumpet also comes with a soft, fabric carry case which will help with transporting it around. ptrumpet class packLike the pBone, the pTrumpet has a super sleek design and comes in a rainbow array of colours. The fun looking instrument is an obvious eye-catcher and a lot less intimidating to play for beginners looking to develop their skills. It is ideal for schools and teachers to build up their performance practice with children (and Adults!) of all ages. Design wise, the valves are interchangeable. They have kept the traditional design, unscrewing at the bottom, and the springs have a good resistance. Ergonomically, this plastic instrument is a dream for school children. The shape promotes good posture and good hand positioning, accommodating all hand shapes & sizes. Durability will always be a huge plus to having one of these plastic instruments; making it the perfect musical travel companion. The pTrumpet is able to withstand impacts that would destroy a traditional trumpet; less dings, less dents, less worry! This also makes it popular with educators who are looking for an affordable instrument that will be strong enough to withstand many players using the pTrumpet frequently.

pcornetCrafty Cornet

The pCornet is the younger sibling to the world renowned pBone and pTrumpet, making it the newest addition to the Plastic Brass family. It is lightweight, easy to hold and is supplied with a carry case as well as two Denis Wick (2B and 4B) mouthpieces. A completely unique plastic valve system has been developed for the pCornet, featuring interchangeable valves which make maintaining the instrument quick and simple, even for inexperienced players. It is these key features that make them the perfect solution for schools and training bands. On top of the above features – like the rest of the pBrass range – it is incredibility light. Weighing in at only 500g this is more than suitable for the school-age player, or even just someone who doesn’t want to be lugging a heavy piece of brass around! Available in Red or Blue.

Plastic Fantasticred-pcornet

Hopefully it is now crystal clear as to why the pBrass range offers schools and education centres the ideal solution. Music in schools is now more affordable and fun than ever before, plus, sounds amazing!!