We'll stick to comparing like to like. We all know nothing measures up to a Strad so we won't even pretend. To keep things clear this blog is pitting the pCornet against the Sonatas SCR701. And what is the comparison criteria I hear you ask? Well, it's:

Build. Tone. Articulation. Cost.


While a traditional brass cornet - probably - has a higher tensile strength than the pCornet, it's worth nothing as metal dents and this plastic invention bounces. See 👇 Weighing in at just 500g, the pCornet offers an unrivalled mix of robustness (it's a word!) and portability. Not to mention, at this weight (and incredible durability), it is perfect for younger players or those with joint condition that would otherwise make it difficult to play. On the more traditional side of things you could easily expect your cornet to weigh double it's plastic counter part. The Sonata Cornet weighs in at 1.2kg. However with this comes a smoother feel to the instrument. While the pCornet valves do bed in after a time, traditional cornet valves do react better with the increased weight. However, as a trade off, the traditional cornets do need far more maintenance - oiling, greasing and cleaning - to keep everything running smoothly. Also, they dent and don't come in Red or Blue!



playing-trumpetThere are some marked differences between the two. Metal does resonate in a different way and at the extremes (ff - pp), it responds better. Furthermore it also offers superior depth and clarity of sound. Be that as it may, it is not to say that the pCornet is a lacking instrument. All in all, between these two models, the overall tone is more affected by the ability of the player than the instruments themselves. If you're good enough you can make anything sound good and, lets face it, as a total beginner you've got the ability to make a Besson Prestige sound like a giant raspberry.



As touched on in the quality of the build, the pCornet valves are not always as responsive as its Sonata counter part. This means the articulation is not as crisp. Once again, for a total beginner or skilled player, this isn't too much of an issue and we already know that the 'better' valves of a traditional cornet come with the cost of increased maintenance.




Here and now, the Sonata SCR701 is coming in at £159.00 and only £20 more at £179.00 for the pack. On the other hand, the pCornet is only £79.00. There is nothing wrong with cheap and cheerful. Fact. And there's nothing wrong with that. **Prices in March 2019**