A-Star offer a range of percussion instruments ideal for sensory stimulation and learning. Whether for adults or children, there are some great options.

Sensory Percussion Reflective Tambourine

As suggested in the name, this tambourine is perfect for any sensory or music groups. With a reflective textured head this tambourine provides a visual and tactile experience as well as a musical one.

Lollipop Hand Drum


Similar to the reflective tambourine, but with a slightly more fun twist, the A-Star Lollipop Hand Drum mimics the visual appearance of a traditional lollipop. With a handle and beater, this provides a different tactile experience to the reflective tambourine. With this, the hand drum provides an interesting aural experience too.

A-Star Rain Stick


Coming in two sizes, this colourful rain stick ensures for a sound emulating the sound of rain falling. While feeling different to many instruments, this is activated by turning the rain stick to allow the beads inside to fall, creating the sound as well as the unique visuals of the beads falling through the offset holes, through each colourful step along the way.

A-Star Dancing Rings


While not a piece of “percussion”, this A-Star product is perfect for visual and tactile play. With the rings and ribbons providing contrasting feels, and the colour of the flowing ribbons providing interesting visuals. The flow of these rings are great for more than just dancing!

A-Star Shape Shakers

Coming in a pack of three shapes, Triangle, Circle and Square these shakers sounds great along with providing contrasting colourful appearances and a unique feel for each different shaker. Being a pack of 3 ensures they are excellent value too!

A-Star Wrist Bells

Proving popular in sensory groups, these wrist bells ad a unique twist to the tactile experience of playing an instrument. Being strapped around the wrist provides a different way to create the sound, caused by simply moving the arm and the wrist rather than having to physically shake or strike something. Being available in three different colours, or a pack of 10 pairs gives a lot of variety to choose from too.

A-Star Sensory Percussion Development Pack

A culmination of everything here and more! The Sensory Development Pack from A-Star provides a mixture of instruments which are all designed to encourage all the senses. With a mixture of wood and plastic materials, sounds ranging from striking to jingling to shaking to rattling. All with a lot of bright and interesting colour combinations.

For full sensory development group sessions, this pack is ideal for use as well as value.