Music Education is bigger and better than ever before, and our fantastic range of A-Star Percussion has become one of the biggest brands with teachers and parents alike. We are proud to supply a large variety of smaller, fun instruments for younger children, without having to pay a fortune.

Our exclusive A-Star Percussion range receives endless praise, mainly down to the highly requested robust design and excellent tone. Of course, there is the risk that younger children may ‘put down’ instruments to never be found again. That’s why our budget range of smaller hands percussion is exactly what teachers and parents are looking for! Let’s show you some of my top picks!

early-years-setEarly Year Shake It Set

The Early Years Shake It Set is a bright and engaging design, great for children to explore and create various different sounds. Featuring multi-coloured beads, small bells and more, this durable and robust set is contained in one simple unit. The main circle unit can also be split into 4 individual shakers, giving you great value for money.

egg-shakersEgg Shakers

One of the all-time favourite instruments for children are Egg Shakers of course. They can be picked up and played by anyone, regardless of your musical capabilities or knowledge. Available in a mixed array of bright and fun colours, they are perfect for quick, fun music and are small enough to fit in anyone's hands!

Mini Tambourinesmall-tambourine

Built from strong moulded plastic and having 4 metal jingles, this Mini Tambourine is perfect for smaller children who are being introduced into the exciting world of music! It is suitable for children ages 3+, and is the ideal introduction for any student, due to its lightweight and colourful design, and moulded grip for comfortable playing.


A favourite for everyone (including some of the Normans team!), the Kazoo is infamous in the percussive world. Play them on your own or with friends – there’s even a whole day dedicated to them! Our Pack of 40 gives you a variety of different colours to choose and play from! Made from durable plastic in a one-piece construction design, they project a clear loud tone.

Egg Maracasmaracas

These short handled Egg Maracas feature a very tough and robust plastic shell for those crazy classroom days. They are suitable for children ages 3+ and are the perfect shape for those small hands with a comfortable grip. In a bright red finish, you can start making music straight away with these encouraging, easy-to-use maracas.

rainstick-for-childrenRain Sticks

Don't you just love the sound of rain? Simply rotate the Rain Stick and let the multi-coloured beads flow through the inner chambers. Do it once and you’ll be hooked! Ideal in schools, percussion ensembles and for use in music therapy sessions, they are available in different sizes, meaning you can control how long it rains for!

small-percussionFloor Tom

Found to be an early ‘way-in’ to playing the drums, the Floor Tom lets kids get into the world of drumming and provides basic skills in rhythm. It's the perfect first drum for children which produces an amazing sound and gives children basic skills in rhythm and timing. This durable instrument is highly recommended, due to it's affordable price. A must-have!

Those are just my favourites, but the range doesn’t stop there! Why not have a look at our website and build your own percussive orchestra!