Musical equipment is generally fragile, hand-held, and comes in a plethora of different shapes, sizes and weights. This makes for often difficult and space-wasting storage, as well as possible damage. Think claves, djembes, maracas, cabasas, flutes, keyboards, glockenspiels, white boards, sticks... lots of sticks! You get the picture. You know the picture! How can you possibly have enough storage for all that percussion? Don't panic! I can help you keep your eclectic classroom tidy, accessible and easily manageable. Here at Normans Musical Instruments, we have the ideal and safe solution; percussion storage trolleys.

Percussion Plus PP1057

The perfect solution; large yet manageable, wheeled for easy movement, multi-tiered, tough and reliable. percussion-storageThis attractive red metal-framed trolley has 3 tiers, with a deep V-shaped steel meshed top, and the 2 lower sections with Gratnells plastic trays beneath. This allows for a vast amount of instrument storage. Plus, the easy access from all sides allows for students to quickly and efficiently get out, and put away the equipment. Produced in the UK, the all-round strength and stability is what you need, and would expect, from the best of British manufacturing. Strong, resolute castors and welded tubing are certainly child-proof, and caretaker proof! The ideal dimensions and manoeuvrability are designed for all doorways and storerooms; 110cm x 45.5cm x 81.5cm.

Percussion Plus PP234

With the same dimensions as the PP1057 above, this version from the ever-reliable Percussion Plus, has a few simple modifications. percussion-storage-trolleyWith identical castors and sturdy steel tubing, the differences are all in the storage tiers. The top tier has a deeper V-shaped steel mesh basket area, ideal for glockenspiel sets, smaller keyboards, ukuleles, small djembes, recorders etc. In fact, most musical instruments! The lower two tiers consist of simple, wide steel mesh level trays. This simplistic design, allows for a greater flexibility of what is to be stored. Large enough for 61 note keyboards, and for larger class sets of instruments, white-boards, books etc. or even the huge amount of sticks and beaters that for once, may actually stay in their pairs!

Thank us later

So there you have it. Two excellent and reliable storage trolleys that once received, you will never look back, and wish you had procured them years ago. Suitable for most instruments you will find in classrooms, and I also reckon that you could fit at least 12 sets of Bag-Pipes on… prior to wheeling off the cliff! Trust me, the trolley will survive!! To make your classroom life as stress-free as possible, these wonderful trolleys are delivered fully assembled! Normans Musical Instruments certainly makes your teaching easier… now pass me the wine!