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YouTube link to the Sonata Cornet

Clearly the Sonata Cornet is pretty great.

...Even if my fringe was not at its best 🤷

Perfect for beginners

Designed to get you off to a great start in your musical career, the Sonata student cornet is a popular instrument with teachers and parents alike. Featuring a robust, great quality design and a beautiful finish, the instrument boasts excellent playability and sound at a fantastic price. The superb Sonata Bb Cornet is the ideal starter instrument for beginners and students, featuring a 1st and 3rd valve slide finger ring. The cornet comes complete with a mouthpiece so you are ready to play as soon as you receive it.

Some more details...

  • A premium student instrument designed specifically for beginners
  • Made from high quality materials making it robust and long lasting
  • 1st and 3rd valve slide finger rings for perfect tuning
  • Precision valves for easy, responsive playing
  • Supplied with a Bach inspired mouthpiece
  • *And* a light, robust case featuring useful accessory pockets and backpack style straps
Close up images of the Sonata SCR701 Cornet All in all, I'm sure you can see this is a great instrument for the beginner player. It has everything you need to get going and even has a package option available. Sonata Cornet package Sonata is a leading brand of premium student instruments designed specifically for beginners. Its student cornet is made from high quality materials resulting in a robust, well-made instrument. It features a 1st and 3rd valve slide finger ring so the tuning can be adjusted while playing. The good quality valves make it easier to play finger passages for smaller fingers. Free blowing, this cornet is great to play for beginners as it has an easy response and beautiful tone. With a beautiful lacquer finish, the instrument is great looking as well as great to play. The outfit is completed with a good quality Bach inspired mouthpiece to get you started. To store your accessories and keep your cornet safe is a stylish case featuring a useful accessory pocket and adjustable backpack style straps for easy transportation. Sonata is designed specifically for students and beginners, and has been tried and tested in education environments over many years. This cornet outfit is perfect for students and schools due to its easy playability and affordable price.