Opening Section

One of the prohibitive aspects of purchasing a Euphonium for a young player just starting out, is the cost. A decent student Cornet can cost as little as £150 (see our Brilliant Sonata Cornet). A good and reliable Euphonium could cost near £1000. Until now that is! Here at Normans, we are proud to offer the excellent Student Sonata Euphoniums. The 3-Valved version at just over £400, and the superb 4-Valved model at around £600. Truly amazing build quality, reliability and value for money. BEGINNER BETTER

sonata-3-valve-euphoniumFirst Section

Let me introduce you to the Sonata Student 3-Valve Euphonium. Ideal for the developing and improving player who wants to own their own instrument. This beautiful Euphonium plays as good as it looks! Designed and manufactured to high standards using pure brass. The tonal response and intonation will improve any enthusiastic player and section. The yellow-brass alloy will help your sound project across the venue, yet easily blend within the ensemble. Assisting the early techniques of articulation and valve timing. The precision engineered valves will not lag or impede the performance. The Sonata Euphonium is packaged in a bespoke and attractive wheeled case for optimum protection and comfortable transportation. To put the icing on the ‘musical cake’, an excellent Nickle-silver plate large shank mouthpiece.

sonata-4-valve-euphoniumChampionship Section

This traditional, brass-lacquered Euphonium offers a sound and quality far exceeding its price. The Sonata Student 4-Valve Euphonium offers any improving student the chance for a greater performance. With the addition of the fourth valve, this enables for a traditional fingering technique, and the resulting improvement of intonation. With all of the excellent design and build features of its younger sibling above. The 4-Valve version certainly doesn’t disappoint. The professional resonant yellow-brass bell naturally ‘speaks’ with ease. The precision engineered valve block makes short work of any demanding presto passage of music. All perfectly packaged and protected in the bespoke wheeled case. This Sonata Euphonium will last and provide a reliability for many years to come.


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable student Euphonium, you have come to the right place. Sonata have produced two outstanding instruments. Designed with tonal quality and affordability in mind, they are both leading finalists!