Why is the Ukulele the Best Instrument to Learn?
As popular as ever, The Ukulele is one of the best starter instruments on the market at the minute. Its success is attributed to a few key factors that has made the ukulele perfect for all ages.

So why is it so popular?


The Ukulele is easy to play

Of all the instruments out there, the ukulele is one instrument that you can get down quite quickly. There are only 4 strings, which is great as you have 4 “fretting” fingers! With this, the chord shapes are all quite intuitive. The strings are also nylon which means there’s no need to build callouses to be able to play comfortably!

The price is great

Ukuleles are very affordable instruments. Schools often buy full class packs whilst parents buy them in novelty colours for events, also making great gifts. A simple beginner model can cost less than £20, with more advanced models still being less than £100. Of course, as with any instrument, the sky is the limit if you want an incredibly high specification instrument. But, a custom Ukulele with exotic woods will cost a lot less than an Acoustic Guitar of similar specification!

Ukuleles are social instruments

More schools are putting the recorder to rest and bringing out the Ukulele. Inherently an accompaniment instrument, they’re great for music classes. Ukulele groups are becoming incredibly popular for all ages, which range from simple singalongs to complex ensembles. While they may not find a place in the traditional “Band” setting, they are great to play with others.

They’re fun

If you need an easy portable instrument to take camping or to a festival, you’re sorted with a ukulele! There are plenty of colours to choose from too! You may not be able to play Bach chorales on them, but as a nice, easy accompaniment instrument they’re great. Of course, if you do want to get more complex, there are some excellent Ukulele arrangements of songs out there!