Stage Piano vs Cabinet Digital Piano

It is important when looking for a digital piano to find one that will suit your full list of requirements. Two terms that you may come across in your search are “Stage Pianos” and “Cabinet Pianos”. It depends on what you are going to be using your instrument for as to which type of piano you should go for.

Models like the P225 and the AXD55 are often known as “stage pianos” due to their size and portability. They are ideal for several different purposes, mainly for those who need an instrument that they can take to different venues without any hassle. They are often full size, touch responsive 88 note keyboards, meaning you are able to play all your pieces with ease. If you are looking for something which has a high quality piano voice, as well as being easy to transport to different places, these pianos are for you. They are also very popular with people who want a full-size piano, but don’t have a lot of space. Stage pianos are designed to be easy to set up and pack down so you can get playing as soon as possible.

Stage pianos are brilliant for playing at gigs, but what if you want to focus on getting your grades? A cabinet piano is a more suitable answer. These are the bigger pianos we stock, which are designed for staying in one place, much like a piece of furniture. Models like the YDP145 fit in this category, due to them having the large cabinet surrounding them. These are available in a range of colours, from rosewood to white, so can be chosen to suit the colour scheme of its location. Like the stage pianos, they also have touch sensitive, gradually weighted keys. However, cabinet pianos come with a pedalboard, which has the 3 piano pedals you may eventually need to perform certain pieces. Because of this, and the weight of the actual cabinet, these pianos are a lot less portable. They are not designed to be moved in different places on a regular basis. They do require basic assembly to build the stand, but this should take under 30 minutes with two people.

So what is the main difference between stage and cabinet pianos? Let’s take the YDP145 (cabinet) and the P225 (stage) for example. The YDP features a very high quality piano sound with a range of stunning cabinet finishes. It has three pedals (soft, sostenuto & sustain). This means you won’t need to upgrade to another higher-spec model, as it can last you up to grade 8.

The P225 is again a great quality piano, which can be easily transported. It includes a sustain pedal, but may not be ideal for advanced players, as you don’t have the other two pedals you may need for more complex pieces.

I hope this has explained the main differences between “stage pianos” and “cabinet pianos” and has helped you begin to decide which piano is right for you. If you need any help, or have any other questions, please call us on 01283 535333 or email us via We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!