There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a school orchestra. After months of rehearsals, perform in a concert to parents, friends, family and teachers. The smiles on their faces. The emotions of contentment. All the positive comments in the knowing that all involved have performed and entertained to a high standard. All of the hard work has paid off. Applause is addictive! The memory of the early days of practicing. Where the tuning and tone could only be described as room for improvement is - at last - a distant memory. As well as the hard work and dedication of both the students and their teachers. It must also be said that the support and requisition of quality instruments by their parents and family members is paramount to their success. violins-for-schools

Forenza Prima 2

Let’s start with our most popular selling range. The Forenza Prima 2, which has received fantastic feedback and reviews from music teachers, music services, county hubs. Most importantly, the students themselves. You will encounter a truly superior Violins for schools, not to mention..., Violas, Cellos and Double-Basses. All expertly finished and set up, ready to perform at a standard way above their cost. This range offers the discerning musician a quality manufactured instrument at a very reasonable price. With hand-carved bodies and inlaid purfling, genuine Ebony fingerboards and pegs. High calibre strings, alloy tailpieces and adjusters. Plus, they look amazing, with their darker aged tone wood body looking like a high-end professional instrument. They will not disappoint! VIOLIN: The Violins are available in sizes 1/10, 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, and Full Size. But what size is the student?? VIOLA: The Violas are sized in inches, of which we offer all variations. CELLO: The Forenza Prima 2 Cellos are a sight to behold, with a sound and tone to match. These wonderful instruments will inspire many budding Sheku Kanneh-Mason’s, and may even result in them performing at Royal Weddings!! Affordable, dependable, amazing value-for-money, and fully complete ready to perform. Even the attractive, highly padded and protective case is a benchmark in quality design. DOUBLE BASS: Finally, the Forenza Prima 2 Double Bass. A wonderful and imposing instrument. The tonal foundation of the orchestra, emulating the hair-tingling tones in the depths of Mordor (and Mendelssohn amongst others obviously)! Available in ½ and ¼ size, they continue with the excellent build quality and high-quality materials. Such as laminated maple and solid spruce top, to produce a wonderful and resonant tone. They are completed with the thick-padded protective case, quality bow and rosin.

Forenza Secondo Series

For the enthusiastic and dedicated string musician who wants only the best. Highly affordable without any compromise on the quality of materials and craftmanship. The Forenza Secondo Series, consisting of ¾ and full-size Violins for schools. In addition, the superb ¾ size Double Bass, offers secondary school students a standard of instrument which will undeniably enhance any orchestra or ensemble. Using only the finest quality European 10 year aged dried tone woods. The Forenza Secondo Series string instruments offer the quality to take secondary school students confidently through their GCSE’s & A Levels, as well as the higher performance grades. Capable of meeting the requirements of the most accomplished students. Forenza is ideal for those preparing for Music College and perfect to last a playing career. Individually set up and tested in the UK. The Forenza Secondo Series are made by a select group of craftsmen under close supervision from an acclaimed master maker. Individually tested to precise requirements in the UK, these instruments offer not only an amazing value violins for schools, but are also glowingly rated by many string educators. violins-for-schools

Stentor I & II

Here at Normans Musical Instruments, we always encourage musicians to come in to compare and test instruments before they buy. This is not always possible, due to our sole location being in the midlands, which is why we offer in-depth written blogs and detailed descriptions on our website on our range of excellent instruments, to fully inform customers that we only sell quality and reliable musical offerings. Similar in standard to the Forenza Prima II, the Stentor I & II range of string instruments are extremely capable in meeting the needs of secondary school musicians. The Stentor I has a fingerboard made from rosewood and a table of spruce, supported by maple neck, back and ribs, whereas the Stentor II is enhanced with an Ebony fingerboard and a higher quality bow. As expected, the Stentor range of string instruments incorporates all of the differing sizes of Violas, Cellos, Double Basses and Violins for schools. Manufactured in the Stentor factory, teachers in the UK and Europe, including members of the European String Teachers Association, have acclaimed these superb string instruments with huge enthusiasm.

Highly Strung!

With a continuous stock of over 1000 string instruments, not to mention the plethora of necessary accessories, Normans Musical Instruments can cater for your every need and expectation of quality, affordability and customer service when sourcing the ideal Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass. There are many other brands and variants of string instruments not mentioned in this article, from the pinnacle of the Stentor Conservatoire range, to the Stagg branded instruments, which include the amazing Electric Violins for schools, Cellos and Double Bass (much easier to transport!). All of our instruments are checked to ensure only the highest quality reaches you in a perfect condition, and they all come with bows, rosin and protective cases. No matter what your musical taste and preference is, from Fauré to Folk, Brahms to Bellowhead, at Normans Musical Instruments we have a suitable and reliable, high-quality string instrument which you can rely on.