playing the flute
Are you interested in learning the flute and are unsure which beginner flute to buy? After all, it may not be for yourself, it could be a gift. We’ve put our heads together and listed the top 5 flutes we think are great for beginners.

sonata student fluteSonata Student Flute – FLE701

This flute has the lowest price tag and the same features as the Elkhart. It is high quality, silver plated and a great starter flute. The quality keys, pads and construction add to the reliability of the product. Sonata provide a case and cleaning cloth. This flute is the preferred choice for many schools and music services. The low cost and high quality are undeniably brilliant, the robustness and reliability just add to the all-round admiration for this product from Sonata.

elkhart fluteElkhart 100 Series Flute – 100FLE

The Elkhart is in the same market as the Sonata Student flute, they are both low cost starter instruments. They have the same features. The Elkhart flute comes with a lightweight canvas protective case. Making it easy to transport the flute to and from practice. It hosts a silver plated body and head.

nuvo fluteNuvo Straight Head Student Flute – NFS1

Nuvo have created something rather special, a flute which is plastic and produces the same sound. It is a great step up from the mini flute. You can find the flute in an array of colours, making the concept ever more so fun! The nitty gritty… Nuvo have created a flute which only weighs just over 250g and is 60% lighter than the average flute. It is washable, durable and comfortable, you can play in the shower and the rain! The first note mouthpiece allows beginners to get a good sound from the first try. The flute comes with a moulded case, cleaning cloth, extensions, grease and a leaflet.

yfl212Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute – YFL212

Yamaha have made the flute known as the ‘benchmark in student flutes’ and ‘the best student flute on the market’. With these name tags, there’s obviously a much higher price tag. Yamaha have created an improved feel and playability. The key plates are ergonomically designed to provide an amazing receptive response. Yamaha have even included pointed key arms on non-fingered keys, this is not normally found on mid-range flutes. The flute produces a rich, resonant, warm tone and can take a beginner up to grade 5 and beyond!

trevor james fluteTrevor James Flute - 3041E

This flute is a popular choice with beginners due to it being very sturdy. It has a free blowing head joint which means it’s easy to obtain a good sound straight away. Trevor James have used felt instead of cork for under the keys, which creates a very quiet mechanism. Adding to the secure and positive feel of this flute! The triple plated finish, will make sure you stand out for all the good reasons at practice. These are all great flutes and whichever one you choose, we know you'll be happy! If you need any further help choosing you can give us a call on 01283 535333 and we'd be more than happy to help.