We can all vaguely remember playing an old brown plastic, cracked and dubiously ‘aromatic’ recorder during our early school days. ‘Frère Jacques’, ‘Three Blind Mice’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ etc. Times have changed. Much better production techniques, more resilient ABS resin compound and an improved note production and tone. Plus you can buy them in many beautiful colours……….. including brown! And, if you are lucky enough to have an adventurous teacher, you may play tunes from ‘Harry Potter’ or Ed Sheeran?

a-star recorders

A-Star is born!

I challenge you to find a more affordable, quality recorder on the market. The hugely popular and attractive A-Star descant recorder is ideal for schools and individuals. Available in traditional beige, red, blue and purple, and the prestige range of brown and white. They produce a nice warm tone and come complete with a cleaning rod, fingering chart and in a plastic, protective case. Manufactured out of ‘easy to clean’ ABS resin and a three-piece construction, they are excellent value for money. Especially if you buy them in packs of 10 or 30.



The Aulos philosophy is that quality does matter. Getting off on the right foot can sometimes mean the difference between a child enjoying and excelling or being frustrated and thus uninterested. Aulos have over 50 years of producing recorders. They are made using an almost indestructible ABS plastic. The Aulos 303N Descant recorder has a wonderful, warm tone and distinctive design. Complete with thumb rest, carrying case, cleaning rod and fingering chart, they are perfect for education and individual use.

yrs24buk- yamaha-recorder

Yamaha YRS24BUK Descant Recorder

The Yamaha YRS24BUK (sometimes referred to as a Soprano), at under £10, is an instrument of beauty! This entry level recorder is popular with schools because of its crafted three-piece design creating an instrument that is easy to play. This descant recorder comes in a stylish dark brown finish and is ideal for lessons, practice and live performances. Recognised in schools for its affordable price, the descant recorder is also known for its ability to a produce a clear and distinct tone which you expect from Yamaha. Especially ideal for young musicians or beginners, this recorder also comes with a cleaning rod, fingering chart to help you learn to play, and an attractive protective cloth carry case.


Yamaha YRS20BUK and YRS302B Descant Recorders

If you love everything about the entry level recorder above, but still have an aversion to ‘brown’, then we have the answer, with the Yamaha YRS20 range, with optional colour schemes; we stock the following very appealing semi-translucent colours; Pink, Blue and Green. For a very professional looking instrument that is affordable, I strongly recommend the two-tone Brown & White YRS302B. It really does sound and look amazing! Here at Normans Musical Instruments, we have a vast range of Recorders. From the most popular Descant and Treble versions above, to the professional Bass models. Whatever your budget, whatever colour you prefer (including brown!) we can accommodate you.