A small but popular ‘mini keyboard’, designed to give young children the perfect starting point if they are looking to learn the piano!

The Casio SA-76 is one of the smallest keyboards we stock here at Normans. With only 44 mini sized keys, it’s great for giving those smaller hands the chance to ‘tinkle the ivories’. Built into the keyboard, you’ll find 100 built in sounds, and 50 different backing rhythms. For a keyboard of this size, that’s not bad at all. It is more designed for children, and so it also features 5 drum pads on the front, each assigned to a different percussive instrument. Why not create your own beats, and see what type of music you can create? It's also a nice little touch to engage those younger minds. Due to its excellent portability, the keyboard can either be powered on 6 AA batteries or mains adaptor. It’s nice and lightweight, and makes the perfect gift to any musical mind! So, all in all, it’s perfect for anyone showing signs of playing an instrument, without spending hundreds of pounds. Of course, it won’t take you to a Beethoven or Mozart standard of playing, but it will get you started in a fun, exciting way!