Musical Easter Gifts for Kids | Guest Post
Easter is just around the corner and kids are excited about receiving amazing gifts (aka chocolate,) from their loved ones - BUT - what about an alternative? Chocolate rots teeth, is bad for their health and is gone. So. Fast. Why not look to something a little more long lasting, (and definitely kinder to their teeth!) In this piece of writing, you will get some amazing and interesting examples of Easter gifts for kids which are completely musical. Read on...

A Percussion Pack a-star-small-hands-percussion

If your kid loves to music but isn't yet settled on one instrument, why not gift them a Percussion pack? The child-sized instruments will be able to make their group play dates even more full of excitement. It will help them to develop their creativity while improving their hand and eye coordination.

curved-metallophoneA Glockenspiel

Brightly coloured and easy to use, it's easy to see why kids love Glockenspiels. It might even by they are bright enough - and fun enough - to lure them away from chocolate for five minutes!

A Junior Drum Kitpa-speaker

If you feel like splashing out a bit this Easter you will surely catch their attention with a Junior Drum Kit. These kits are bright, loud and the perfect size for young children. Who knows you might have the next Dave Grohl on your hands?

A Ukulele

A Ukulele can be a perfect Easter gift for your little one who enjoys strumming like like a Rock-star, but isn't quite ready for a guitar. They are small, (like your child.) They are quite, (unlike your child.) Best of all, there are many high quality models available for a surprisingly low price.

Egg Shakers

If your kid loves shaking sounds, then why not give them some Egg Shakers? These musical eggs were made to shake, rattle and roll. To top it all off... they're Eggs! Doesn't get any more Easter than that.

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