Rocket consistently put out great quality beginner, and affordable, instruments. The Rocket CG Classical Guitar Series allows beginners to learn on a comfortable, and great sounding instrument. While being affordable, these guitars are ideal for beginners of any age.

Rocket-Beginner-Classical-GuitarsPlayability and Sound

The Rocket CG Classical Guitar is perfect to learn on, as many will know, Classical Guitars use Nylon strings. These strings mean that the tension is lower, allowing for easier playing. This is because you don’t need to press down so hard to create a sound. With this, the Rocket CG Classical Guitar comes in ¼, ½, ¾ and full sizes. This selection of sizes means that players of any age and size are catered for with these instruments. While being a Classical Guitar, these models are ideal for any genre while starting out. They typically excel in Classical Music, or various Spanish/Latin genres, such as Flamenco or Bossa-Nova. But, they’re still great for belting out Ed Sheeran covers if your fingers aren’t hardened enough for a steel-string acoustic.

Features and Build Quality

The Rocket CG Classical Guitar series feature a body with Linden top, back and sides, a very popular choice for many beginner classical guitars. With this the fingerboard and bridge are made of stained maple, to emulate the appearance and performance of ebony, without the added price tag! The geared tuners used on these guitars, and many guitars like it, ensure great tuning stability. There usually requires a bit of breaking in when they’re new. Wood tends to not get used to the tension until a few tunings. But, once tuned a few times, you will notice that these rarely slip out of tune. They will only need slight adjustments occasionally.


While maintaining a traditional appearance, all sizes the Rocket CG Classical Guitars are all available in Natural finishes. With a stained red back, sides and neck and the natural front, this provides the renowned aesthetic of a classical guitar. With this, the full, ¾ and ½ size models are available in an attractive Blue finish. If you are looking into the full size models, while being available in Natural and Blue, these are also available in a sleek Black finish.