Yamaha P-125 on a table

The Yamaha P-125. Taking over from its predecessor, the P115, Yamaha have announced the all new digital piano which is built for both home and live event use. What is this you ask? Behold:

Yamaha P-125 on a table Digital pianos have become more and more popular throughout the years. With their more compact, portable build but high quality, pure sound it's no surprise. The P-125 features the immersive 9’ CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano has been carefully sampled by Yamaha to create the ultimate playing experience. Due to it being replicated to an acoustic piano feel, you’ll find 88 gradually weighted keys which allow you to play any piano piece you desire. This all sounds very similar to any other Yamaha digital piano right?

Well, here’s the new part:

Built within the piano, a wide selection of accompaniment styles have been pre-programmed into the unit. These range from Rock and Roll to Jazz, and - like so many portable keyboards - it allows you to play with a full orchestra. This is something that isn’t very common on weighted digital pianos. This is just one reason why we believe it will be a hit once it arrives! Keeping with the modern era, the P-125 has its own mobile application ‘Smart Pianist’. When being used alongside the piano, this app allows you to control different rhythms and voices, and save your chosen settings so you don’t have to waste time on your next session. If that’s not enough, you can learn the chords used in your favorite audio tracks, on your iPhone or iPad. Yamaha p-125 product details The Yamaha P-125 has been designed for the purpose of both being a home practice piano. On top of this it's also the ultimate live event companion. If it’s going to be in a permanent place, the specialist wooden stand and pedal unit can be fixed to the piano, to further enhance your experience. This will be perfect for those looking for a more compact instrument, but is still able to look the part in the home environment... even if you don't live in a warehouse house as per above.

We are very excited to get our hands on these fantastic new pianos, as we are confident they will be just as popular as many other Yamaha instruments!