Adult beginner learning the cello
Have you suddenly found that you have time on your hands. Now you want to fulfill a lifetimes ambition of learning to play one of the most sonorous string instruments in the orchestra: the Cello? If you have recently won the lottery or gained unfathomable amounts of money, see below: Mock newspaper clipping from the sales of a cello

The Starting Point

Here at Normans Musical Instruments you can achieve your dream for under £370! Starting with our Full Size Forenza Prima 2 Cello Outfit. The Forenza Prima Cellos are designed to give a student the best start in their musical journey. No matter of age. Designed with leading string educators in the UK these are a new standard in both quality and value. They have hand carved maple and spruce bodies featuring solid ebony fingerboards and inlaid purfling. Featuring ebony pegs, nuts and saddles fitted as standard, together with high caliber (rope core) strings and metal tailpieces with integral adjusters. But not only do you get a top quality Cello. Oh no. You also get a lightweight, but highly protective case with integral cover, accessory pockets and carrying straps. The wood bow with ebony frog is of a high quality. As is the rosin All in all you have a complete outfit to start your Cello career.

A (price) Step Up

Another high quality brand of Cellos we offer are the Stentor I and II models. Stentor is one of the most popular string manufactures world over. They are hand carved from solid tonewoods and produce a very pleasant tone. This makes them a truly great choice for students. Features such as black hardwood fittings and inlaid purfling add a quality feel to these instruments. The Stentor II Student Cello is hand carved from solid tone woods. It's fitted with ebony pegs and fingerboard, as well as an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters. It also comes with a quality rayon padded cover, good wood bow and case. All of this really gives you a great cello outfit to work with. It is ideal for a student who is looking to learn or expand the cello skills. They would have a quality instrument which will give them the depth of sound needed to develop. The depth and quality of tone is outstanding.


...what if your scenario is slightly different? Perhaps many years ago you used to play in school, college or local orchestras when you were younger and want to start again now, later in your life? Is your old Cello no longer playable or the correct size, and you want a high quality instrument but without the financial burden hindering your wishes.

If You Want An Investment

The Stentor Conservatoire Cello Outfit could be the answer to your prayers. Designed for the progressing student and proficient performer, the premium quality cello is hand-made from attractive tone woods and comes complete with a rigid lightweight case. Features on the Cello include ebony fingerboard and pegs, a good quality bridge, and an alloy tailpiece. The bow includes a full mounted ebony frog, and has natural horsehair, highlighting why this whole outfit is the most amazing sounding and value for money cello you can buy. It will not disappoint.

Here at Normans Musical Instruments, we believe that the quality of our instruments and our personal customer service is paramount to the success and enjoyment of practising and performing, typified by our excellent and vastly popular string instrument range.