Top 5 A-Star Maracas


The maracas are a staple in most percussion kits. A maraca is a rattle originating from Caribbean and Latin music, usually played as a pair. An outer shell traditionally made from wood featuring dried beans inside creates an authentic sound ensuring a rhythm is started. An alternative to a wooden outer shell is plastic, this has proven to be more popular and cheaper as time goes on. Some maracas feature wooden handles and plastic shells; a hybrid between the traditional and new style of the maracas. maracas-for-classroom-chilrdrenBeing one of the brightest and most colourful percussion instruments available, there’s plenty of choice and at varying price brackets. The versatility is high when using maracas, making them great for classrooms, music groups and music services. Below I’ve listed the top 5 maracas from A-Star Percussion. A-Star is one of the leaders in the market for handheld and tuned percussion. Offering products that are ideal for ensembles, music groups as well as individuals, their high quality products and extensive range are robust and reliable.

Egg Maracas

Have you seen the A-Star egg maracas? Well, imagine an egg shaker with a handle on the end. Then you have an A-Star Egg Maraca! In a fetching red and sleek black handle, these maracas are small but perfectly formed. Great for ages 3+.

Multi-Coloured Wooden Maracas

Covered in primary colour stripes, these maracas are visually exciting. The wooden seamless silhouette is easy to hold and the maraca filling offers a bright tone.

Plastic Maracas

Available in red or green, you can shake rattle and roll your way into rhythm! Created from a strong plastic construction and a height of 19cm, these maracas are an ideal choice for younger and older musicians.

Small Hands Maracas

The most adorable maracas! Ideal for smaller hands, these smaller maracas have a length of 13cm, and easy grip handle and feature yellow, red and blue accented colours. A gentle sound with an attractive design and plastic construction, this pair of maracas are great for music groups and schools.

Wooden Handled Maracas

The SAS of maracas for the classroom. Top quality maracas, robustly built with the classroom use in mind. A traditional pair of orange maracas, featuring textured plastic with a smooth natural wooden handle. Maracas are one of the simplest instruments to play and are a great addition to music groups and workshops. Lightweight and easy to play, this selection of A-Star maracas are the number one choice for most education establishments. Should you wish to purchase maracas in a larger quantity, you can save with this 10 pack of wooden handled plastic maracas. If you’d prefer to see the maracas alongside other percussion instruments, I’d recommend the below packs. For at home… A-Star Handheld Childrens Percussion Set For a small music group… A-Star Percussion Instrument Bag For a classroom… A-Star Rhythm Pack