The notion of a calm music class is a nice thought. Imagine, your students sitting calmly in rows, making music in perfect harmony. They'll be playing Mozart in no time.

As if.

As nice as that would be, it's not the reality for most. A safer option for many is to keep your students on the same, or easily compatible, instruments. If there is the options of headphones, well, all the better. With that in mind, you need a pack that offers great value for money and has enough aspects to keep everyone busy. As such, we've listened to our customers views on our packs and have compiled the top rated options, here in one place.

Axus AXP2 Keyboard Class Pack - 15 player

What our customers had to say:

"Great range of features for the price. Effective touch sensitive keys"

With professional features at breakthrough prices, this keyboard has been specifically designed with schools and students in mind. Couple this with a saving of over £150.00 when buying the pack and you have a fantastic aid for musical learning in the classroom.
  • class-keyboard-lessons61 note, touch sensitive keyboard
  • Dimensions: 940 x 356 x 136 cm
  • Weight: 3.75 kg
  • 2 x 10w speakers
  • 32 note polyphony
  • 200 instrument voices
  • 128 rhythms
  • Record / playback function
  • Multi functional LCD display
  • Includes music rest, owner's manual
  • Connectivity: AC power, headphones
  • Supplied with power adaptor

A-Star Percussion Class Pack - 30 piece

What our customers had to say:

"Very good selection, definitely worth the price."

Both fun and informative, the popularity of these percussion packs in school has sky rocketed over recent years. Really, it's no surprise. With little to no maintenance, they are easy to store and the robust build quality means they can survive the most - erm - rigorous(?) of young musicians. Further more, with 30+ high-quality instruments to choose from, every child can join in and will find something that they will love playing.
  • class-percussion-packPopular class pack
  • Play straight out of the box
  • Perfect for KS1 and KS2 ages
  • Sturdy storage and transport box provided
  • Includes Octachime, Rain Stick, 8" Headless Tambourines, Small Kokiriko, Hand Bongo, Curved Metallophone, Wooden Egg Shakers (Pair), Castanet with Handle, Pair of Maracas, Gong, Pair of Cymbals, Wooden Fish Guiro, Xylophone, Tunable Hand Drum, 6" Triangle, 3 Tone Wooden Agogo, Wooden Ratchet, Jingle Stick, Tone Block, 10" Tambourines, Pair of Bells, Sleigh Bell, Pair of Wrist Bell, Metal Shaker, Indian Drum, 10" Hand Drum, 8 Chime Bars and Beater and a Plastic Half Moon Tambourine

LTL Samba Pack - 30 player

This pack is perfect to get started on creating your own samba band or (and?) for use in schools. It includes *deep breath* nesting Surdos, Repenique and Caixa Drums, Ego Bells, Beaters, Ganzas, Tamborims, Whips, Drum Sticks, Surdo straps and a Caixa belt. Enough for you?
  • 30 player samba pack
  • Ideal for schools or starting your own samba band
  • Includes 8 Drums, 8 Tamborims, 6 Ego Bells and more

pBrass Class Pack - 25 player

What our customers had to say:

"Excellent <...> light and attractive to younger players."

Plastic Brass, also known as pBrass has proven undoubtedly popular within music education and music groups. They are light, robust, easy to maintain and brightly coloured. There's nothing not to like about them. To make these instruments even better, the creators of pBrass have a comprehensive online guide full of how to's and downloadable pieces to get young musicians going. You can see them here.
  • plastic brass25 player plastic brass pack
  • Lightweight, ideal for all ages
  • Robust, ideal for destructive ages
  • Perfect for creating an instant School Band
  • Includes 5 Trumpets, 5 Cornets, 5 Trombones & 10 pBuzzs

A-Star Djembe Pack - 20 player

What our customers had to say:

"Brilliant drums. Pupils having a great time (not sure my head is!) and the lessons fly by!"

A-Star is a leader in the realm of handheld and tuned percussion. These Djembes are no exception.
  • class-djembe-packMakes a loud and vibrant sound
  • Superior quality Djembe, solid wood
  • Hand painted - each pattern is unique
  • Features natural heads and rope tuning
  • Handmade and decorated with colourful beading
  • Designed especially for students & Education
  • Pack includes: 5” Djembes, 6” Djembes, 7" Djembes, 8" Djembes, 10” Djembes and a Djembe method book with CD

A-Star Kazoos - 40 pack

Student will have lots of fun with these fantastic, colourful kazoos. Easy to play, they are a popular choice both in and out of the classroom. Made from durable plastic in a one-piece construction design, they project a clear, loud tone. Once done, simply pop the Kazoos back in the useful storage tub ready for next time.
  • Easy to use
  • A mix of vibrant colours
  • Pack of 40 in a useful storage tub
  • Great for playing the Chicken Run theme

A-Star 25 Note Glockenspiel - 10 pack

What our customers had to say:

"Got this as a school order and they are very nice instruments, and popular with the children."

This Glockenspiels protective case makes it perfect for the dynamic environment of the classroom. With two fully chromatic octaves, it is easy to play melodies from the word go. This is just one of many reasons the Glockenspiel remains so popular with students today. As the pièce de résistance, the beaters are included, so you’re ready to make music straight away.
  • class-glockenspiel-pack25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel
  • Width: 39cm Length: 23cm Depth: 5cm
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Crisp, bright tone
  • Two beaters included
  • Supplied with protective case
  • Colour coded Accidental and Natural Notes

A-Star Half Moon Tambourine - 10 pack

Great addition to any class percussion collection, these tambourines have a solid construction and moulded grip make this ideal for children from age 3+.
  • half-moon-tambourineBright sound
  • 16 jingles
  • Specially moulded grip
  • Play by shaking or hitting
  • Quality budget instrument
  • Ideal for percussion workshops
  • Easy to handle half moon shape
  • Includes black, blue, white, red & yellow tambourines

A Star Descant Recorder - 30 pack

What our customers had to say:

"<...> great recorder and we will be back for more instrument from you! Brilliant team at Normans. "

This is the perfect choice for parents, schools and recorder groups looking for an affordable instrument that is both good quality and comfortable to play.
  • recorder-class-packThree piece construction
  • Manufactured from good quality ABS resin
  • Baroque system (the fingering used in the UK)
  • Carry case, cleaning rod and finger chart included