Trevor James Instruments
In this musical world of instrument manufacturers, many companies have a household name and tradition for excellence that many could identify with... Yamaha; Bach; Besson; Buffet; Conn; and Montreux, to name but a few. There are some less well-known, excellent instrument makers that have an astute following within instrumentalist circles. Trevor James is one of the finest, and has gained a growing reputation as one of the best in the business. Trevor James Flutes, originally designed and introduced to the world music markets by Mr Trevor James in the early 1980’s - followed by his Saxophones a decade later - are now regarded as one of the most respected marques in Student, Conservatory and Professional instruments. Based in Lenham, Kent, the company has gone from strength to strength in producing a range of very well-respected instruments by musicians world-wide. Here at Normans, we are proud and privileged to offer these great instruments, due to their build quality, attention to detail and sound production.


Fortunately, we can offer a full range of Flutes, for every budget and every level; Student; Intermediate; and Professional.

TJ10X Model

Our entry level Trevor James Flute is the TJ10X model, with either straight or curved head, is a multiple UK Music Industry Award 'Winner' in the Best Woodwind Instrument Category. The ideal first flute for the new flute player or those returning to playing after a few years away. The TJ10X flute is a very free blowing silver-plated instrument which helps the new flute player to learn at a much quicker pace. It is of high quality manufacture with final hand set-up in our UK technical workshops, consisting of the following key features;
  • Advanced headjoint features - Designed to be free blowing to assist the new player in obtaining easy and yet rich sound production
  • Padding - accurate airtight seal
  • Felts instead of cork under the tail arms – Very quiet mechanism
  • Triple plated finish A double layer of silver-plating on top of a flash copper coating gives durability to the silver finish of each instrument
  • Purple lined wooden case with black fleecy lined case cover
  • Fine care and attention to the finishing of all key work – carefully worked during manufacture and then double checked by our UK technicians to ensure instrument looks great to the eye!
  • Accuracy and tightness of all fitting of the key assembly - Gives a secure and positive feel to the student

Cantabile Flute

At the Intermediate level, we stock the Trevor James Cantabile Flute. The ideal ‘Step-up’ or 'Upgrade' flute for the established flute player who wishes to add a precious metal element on to their instrument to fully explore the vast tonal possibilities. The TJ Cantabile flute has the following professional design features;
  • 925-silver headjoint
  • Responsive headjoint design
  • Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
  • Pointed key arm mechanism
  • Solid heavy weighted headjoint crown
  • Triple, silver plated finish
  • Hidden adjusting screws
  • French style wooden case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • White internal cleaning cloth
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Owner Guide
  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops
trevor james

Virtuoso Flute

For Flute players who desire and expect the best in instrument quality, we are proud to offer the Trevor James Virtuoso Flute. The stunning 925-silver tube Virtuoso flute is designed for the serious flute player who requires a colourful, deep timbre with a wide tonal range, and professional mechanisms to help the player to achieve their full potential. This model is ideal for those upgrading to a professional instrument due to the outstanding features;
  • 925-silver headjoint, body and footjoint tube
  • Reponsive headjoint design.
  • Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
  • Solid heavy weighted engraved crown
  • Pointed key arm mechanism
  • Hidden adjusting screws
  • French style wooden case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
  • White internal cleaning cloth
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Owner Guide
  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops
Trevor James flute


Since the early 1990’s, Trevor James ethos as a Saxophone manufacturing company is to simply listen, ponder, sketch, design and then create a Trevor James ‘horn’ that lets the player reach their true potential. There really is nothing like finding the instrument that feels right. The instrument that opens new sounds, colours and textures is so very special! Normans Musical Instruments stock a range of Trevor James Alto Saxophones to suit all requirements; the Alphasax and the Classic II. Initially designed and conceived in 1993, Trevor James’ aim with the original 'Horn' Saxophone was to manufacture a new range of instruments to fit into the distinctive, reasonably priced student Saxophone category without compromising quality.


The Alphasax is based around the original body tube of the Trevor James Alto Saxophone with a completely redesigned mechanism and tone hole positioning for the smaller individual who would previously have been told to "wait until they got bigger" before they could learn to play the Sax! Winner of the 2014 UK Music Industry Association award for 'Best Woodwind & Brass Instrument' The Alphasax in the key of Eb, has a full two octave chromatic facility using established finger positioning to enable the smaller player to learn the Alto Saxophone using current study books. The new and innovative mechanism has enabled Trevor James to maintain the finger positioning of a normal Saxophone. Problematic keys, requiring long finger stretches, have been removed or redesigned for extra comfort, while at only 1.86kg in weight, the revolutionary Alphasax Saxophones are 33% lighter than a traditional Alto Saxophone. These great Saxophones are complimented with a lightweight (1.48kg) molded case with backpack straps, mouthpiece, cap, single screw ligature and reed. trevor james alphasax

Classic II

We understand the importance of the Trevor James 'Horn’ Classic models of 2018 staying faithful to the design objectives of the original 'Horn' (1993.) This demonstrates perfectly, that with dedicated research and design, quality is affordable! The Trevor James Horn Classic II Saxophone was built to fit into the distinctive, ‘improving saxophonist’ category. Without compromising quality. In my opinion these are the finest looking instruments on the market. With a two-tone black silver and lacquer option, easy sound production, excellent build quality, and an affordable price tag these will not disappoint. As such, Trevor James have gone with the ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ mind set. With some minor modifications, the Classic II stays true to the design objectives of the original Horn designed in the 90s offering an instrument that is an ideal balance of quality and affordability. Some of the key features are;
  • Free blowing
  • Durable
  • Updated crook design
  • High quality Italian pads with metal reflectors
  • TJ mouthpiece
  • High quality neck strap
  • Ligature and cap
  • Reed
  • Lightweight contoured carry case with backpack straps
Buying a musical instrument is very much a personal choice. A choice that should be based around a reliable and enthusiastic connection when performing. At Normans we believe that musicians continue to choose the finest instruments, in the knowledge that it will enable their own aspirations to be reached. Trevor James can help you achieve these aspirations.