Performing Live
You are Performing Live. About time... maybe. Scared nerves are going to ruin the whole thing? It's a possibility. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. But never fear we - the good people of Normans - are a paragon of truth and good advice. On top of which we have all performed live. Admittedly for some of us it was a past professional career and for others glorified karaoke... but, hey, you're the one struggling here, not us. So. strap in, listen up and off we go. Now, to be straight with you... you could do all of the above perfectly and still have a musical 'fail'. Be that as it may, remember the importance of a smooth recovery. If you can be as smooth as this guy we can foresee no possible problem.

And finally... GOOD LUCK

We have total faith you'll crush it... but we make no promises and cannot be held liable if you suck. (Although if you are doing the confidence step properly you'd be aggressively telling everyone what a wonderful performance it was until they agree with you out of manners or fear. Both work equally well.)
''All the world’s a stage,'' - William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII