Tune in - Wak-a-Tubes
Wak-a-Tube PP795-1-product Wak-a-Tubes are a great music education tool for children. Not only can they teach you rhythm, harmony and melody, but they are really easy to play and great fun. Each coloured tube produces a different note, and so we find that Wak-a-Tubes are great for classroom lessons. Everyone can get involved with them, so why not give each student a different coloured tube? With this, work with your friends and create your own short song! Wak-a-Tubes can give you hours of endless fun, and enhance your music skills as well! So what are they? Wak-a-Tubes are hollow, brightly coloured, plastic tubes that are tuned and follow the Cromaplay colour method, which helps children to learn notes by the corresponding colours. Interested? Well lucky for you, we stock a range of different Wak-a-Tube packs which are great for both home and classroom use! Chromatic (The Sharps and Flats!) Diatonic (C40 to C52) Bass Diatonic (C28 - B39 Inclusive) Helpful Hint: For the full range of notes, simply use all three packs to give yourself a complete scale to play with! How do you play them? Wak-a-Tubes are usually played on a hard, flat surface, hitting the floor with the whole length of the tubes to create various sounds. They can also be played on a flat surface with a beater. If you plan to play them this way, we recommend buying a ‘wak a rap’ to keep them all in one place. As mentioned earlier, these are absoulutely fantastic for classrooms, as they are bright, engaging and very fun to play! Happy Wak-ing!