Personally, the essentials I’d recommend generally are a tuner, spare strings and a gig bag. The tuner ensures you are in tune. The spare strings are a must for the likelihood of your strings snapping. The gig bag makes it super easy to transport and protect your ukulele. You may even have one with pockets to keep the accessories together with your instrument. Ideal, for keeping your ukulele on the move. I’ve selected the products below, based on the above and getting you the best value for money. 

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  • This clip-on electronic tuner is ideal for the ukulele player. With its full range and rotating clip-on, tuning is made easy and comfortable. It offers a frequency range from 27.5-1760Hz and the precision is spot on for quick, easy accurate tuning.
  • Suitable for players of all ages, this little tuner is compact and easy to store.  Accuracy features ensure you can tune quickly and perfectly, and the string indicator allows the tuner to tune each string to the note you need.

Spare Strings

  • In the lifetime of having your ukulele, the strings will snap multiple times. It’s natural and one of those things.
  • It can happen when you're tuning your ukulele, whilst playing and even purely due to the strings weakening overtime. Luckily, they are cheap and not much to replace. 

Gig Bag

  • There’s Gig-bags to suit all sizes of ukuleles in a variety of padding and colours. The most popular ukulele is a Soprano ukulele. 
  • The A-Star Soprano Ukulele Padded Gig Bag is designed to offer more protection for your instrument compared to bags typically supplied with the instruments.
  • It is designed to fit all standard soprano ukulele models and is supplied in black with grey piping. This ukulele bag offers extra padding as well as a practical shoulder strap, strong carry handle and durable zips. There is even an accessory pouch to keep your spare strings, tuner and other accessories.


  • Plectrums allow you greater control and feel whilst playing. You can even strum at different rates, tailoring your sound. I’d recommend the Mahalo plectrums, they come in a pack of three. 
  • This Mahalo felt plectrum pack of 3 gives you great control and feel whilst you are playing your instrument. The plectrum gives you the option to strum at different rates.


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