ukulele-accessoriesYou may have purchased your ukulele many moons ago, recently or are just having a little browse into what ukuleles can offer and the accessories to go with it. Below are accessories which are beneficial to ukulele players whether recreational or part of a folk band. Some accessories are essential to playing the ukulele, for example a tuner. Whereas, few are not so essential, such as a ukulele strap. This accessory is personal choice – some find it extremely useful and wouldn’t play without it. Whilst others may have never heard of one. That being said, I would say a ukulele strap is useful for younger players or beginners whilst they get used to holding the instrument. Personally, the essentials I’d recommend generally are a tuner, spare strings and a gig bag. The tuner ensures you are in tune. The spare strings are a must for the likelihood of your strings snapping. The gig bag makes it super easy to transport and protect your ukulele. You may even have one with pockets to keep the accessories together with your instrument. Ideal, for keeping your ukulele on the move. I’ve selected the products below, based on the above and getting you the best value for money. playing-ukulele


The aim is to have a tuned ukulele, ensuring you sound the best you can. You will have to keep tuning those strings (it’s part of the parcel). I’d recommend the Rocket Digital Clip-On Ukulele Tuner. Although, if you’d prefer a simplified display, I’d go for the TGI Clip-On Ukulele Tuner. Both will work well tuning your ukulele precisely and quickly.

ukulele-stringsSpare Strings

In the lifetime of having your ukulele, the strings will snap multiple times. It’s natural and one of those things. It can happen when your tuning your ukulele, whilst playing and even purely due to the strings weakening overtime. Luckily, they are cheap and not much to replace. You can either get the Mahalo Ukulele Strings or the Stagg Ukulele Strings. Either will do the job in bringing your ukulele back to being able to play.

ukulele-bagGig Bag

There’s Gigbags to suit all sizes of ukuleles in a variety of padding and colours. The most popular ukulele is a Soprano ukulele. Therefore, the gig bags suggested below are for the soprano uke. You can see gig bag options for other ukuleles here. A lightweight bag which is extremely popular is the Rocket Padded Gig Bag. It’s black in colour with white details. However, if you fancy something a little brighter, I’d go for the Tom & Will Padded Gigbags in either a Persian style pattern or the classic stripe.


Plectrums allow you greater control and feel whilst playing. You can even strum at different rates, tailoring your sound. I’d recommend the Mahalo plectrums, they come in a pack of three.


The strap allows a younger player or beginner to get the feel for holding a ukulele, whilst also benefiting those that are within a folk band. The Rocket Adjustable Ukulele Strap is a popular choice for our customers, you can see from the reviews.