The champagne is in the fridge, party poppers are pending and the new year resolutions are beginning to appear on your social media feeds. Your friends declaring their desire to try something new, such as learning a musical instrument. It happens every year, January seems to be the month most people set new goals. I’ve never really fully understood this concept…goals can be created at any time (any time!). However, I’m all on board in supporting these new ventures. Why wouldn’t I be? If you can learn something new or better yourself, then I’m all in! I keep telling myself my coffee addition in the morning really should stop. Converting to tea really isn’t a solution. I have no excuse if I’m honest, the office water fountain is (let me count) 5 steps away roughly… (no I didn’t walk and count, it’s a guess).

Gosh, I could go on...

Whatever you’re doing this evening to celebrate welcome the new year, from all of us here at Normans we would like to wish you a Happy New Year. There’s talks of takeaways, pub crawls, posh restaurants in the office all accompanied by oh, and there’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge! Some are even performing at local gigs. We are a busy bunch! If you’re creating goals or a new year’s resolution, I’d recommend learning a musical instrument. Firstly, because it’s a fantastic stress relief and secondly, the high level of satisfaction you’ll get when you finally reach that note or can play that chord. It’s a fantastic way of relaxing, meeting new people and expanding your skill set. In no particular order, below I’ve listed the top 5 most popular instruments to learn. These instruments are popular mostly due to being low cost, you don’t want to be spending lots on your first instrument. You may even be interested in our rental scheme.

Should you need any help or guidance to picking the instrument for you, then you can call our friendly advisors on 01283 535333 and they’ll be happy to help you choose.

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