Everyone has their preferred choice of valve oil, but does it really matter which one you use? As long as your valves run smoothly and don't stick at the worst possible moment (like when you're playing that solo at the Albert Hall!), then surely they will all do the job? In the fizzy drinks world some people like Coca-Cola, others prefer Pepsi and some might choose a supermarket own brand as they feel it's better value.


Best Sellers

Montreux Professional Valve Oil (RMV001)

A great value option for all you Aldi shoppers out there, reminds me of the Besson oil that was around until a few years ago. Made in the UK, it doesn't claim to do anything other than lubricate your valves but is one of our best sellers, mainly due to it's price. Perfect for children who are normally over generous when applying and deposit as much on the floor as they do on the valves!

Blue Juice Valve Oil (BJ2)

Without doubt the 'dad' of valve oils and our best seller by some distance. Differentiated by its distinctive blue colour and claims to be 'Fast, long-lasting. Helps keep horn clean internally.' Many consider the idea that it will help keep your valves clean as reason enough to choose it over other oils.


Denis Wick Advanced Formula Valve Oil (DW4930)

A super popular brand. It's labelling claims it is an Advanced Formula ('Top Secret' of course) with PTFE (aka Polytetrafluoroethylene - which was originally discovered by the makers of Teflon.) The marketing blurb goes along the lines of 'microscopic PTFE particles help ensure a fast action and effective protection from wear'.

So, which one’s right for me?

  • If you want my honest opinion, I don't think it really matters. All of the oils above will do the trick so whichever you choose it shouldn't let you down.
  • No doubt you'll have friends or colleagues who've had good and bad experiences with some of the above and that will probably influence your choice. However, a lot of the time it's not actually the fault of the oil, more lack of maintenance by the player.
  • Regular cleaning is arguably more important than the oil you choose! Don't just keep applying fresh oil on top of old as eventually it will congeal and any new oil applied will make things worse rather than better.
  • Clean your valves and valve casing out every couple of months and whichever oil you opt for should do the job just fine.

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