forenza-violinNormans are well known for supplying durable and lovely sounding student and beginners strings, however, we also offer great quality violins for those of you who are ready to upgrade. In this post I will take an up close look at Normans’ own Forenza Secondo Series and the extremely popular Stentor Conservatoire and Messina models. I have put together a helpful chart to see how each of the violins compares to each other. I have included the Forenza Secondo Series 4 against Stentor Conservatoire which are both great intermediate models for a keen student from grade 5 and beyond.

A Step Up...

The next model up from these two would be the Forenza Secondo Series 6, which really straddles the gap between intermediate and professional models and is suitable for grades 6-8 and beyond. At the top of the range you will find Forenza Secondo Series 8 and Stentor Messina violin outfits, that will please even the fussiest players, offering you professional standard performance and sound. If you are no longer looking for your first student model, why not treat yourself to a brand new, high quality violin that is able to take you up to a professional level and will not fail to impress others on any occasion.