Strings for Starting

  • It is no myth that the younger you can start learning a musical instrument the better. And the Violin is no exception. I’m not saying that you can’t learn a musical instrument in your 90’s… in fact I positively encourage it! But, if the aural and physical dexterity and techniques required can be trained and finely tuned at an early age, you have all of your life to improve and perform!
  • There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a school orchestra, after months of rehearsals, perform in a concert to parents, friends, family and teachers. Or a simple rendition at home and the joys a young performer can bring.
  • But, we all must start somewhere. Where the violin is concerned, you do not want to be paying an extortionate amount of money in the outset. Stradivarius can wait! What you need is a good sounding, well-built and reliable Violin.
  • Here at Normans Musical Instruments we have been advising and providing Violins to schools, colleges and educational hubs and services for many decades. It is our experience, customer service and provision of high quality, reliable and affordable instruments that they look nowhere else!

Early Years

  • When looking for an inexpensive ‘first violin’, it can be a minefield. Class sets could cost thousands your budget will not stretch to.
  • Solution; Forenza Uno Violin; the most cost effective and reliable starter Violin available.
  • The Uno Series provides the best value for money while still maintaining good quality features. Built to the same specification as the Stentor 1018 range, but at half the price, this outfit is ideal for beginners, and available in Full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size.
  • Featuring a well-made wooden body and a good quality bridge, hardwood tuning pegs and fingerboard as well as integral tailpiece with 4 fine tuners, this will get you off to an ideal start. The outfit comes supplied with a solid bow, carry case and rosin. All you need to start your journey.
  • Because of the great value, under £50, these Uno models are also perfect for growth spurts and growing children! As you are moving through different sizes of Violin and having to change your instrument every 18 months or so, the Forenza Uno makes total musical and financial sense.

Prima Donna; “the star of the show” violin

  • For those looking for the best value for money Violin money can buy, but without breaking the bank, I introduce you to the Forenza Prima 2.
  • By far the most popular, brilliant sounding, amazingly well-built, tonally superlative Violin you can buy… for under £100! Schools and educational services absolutely love these. But be warned. They do sell out quick, so order ASAP to avoid missing out!
  • When you play and hear a Prima 2, you will think I may have missed a ‘0’ off that price. No, you read it correctly; less than One Hundred pounds!
  • The Forenza Prima 2 has the same specification as the Stentor II models, but yet again, at a healthy discount.
  • Made from quality tone woods, solid ebony fingerboard, chinrest and pegs, it really is well manufactured. The profiled bridge, premium strings and fine tuners allow for a superb tone and consistent tuning. Very important when first staring out, as these key elements raise confidence and develop the techniques and ability better. Plus, they are all safely stored in a deluxe, lined case, with a quality bow and rosin supplied as standard.

The Forenza Secondo 4 & 6 models


Series 4

  • The Forenza Secondo Series 4 is ideal for a player who is looking for instant improvement, or is working towards grade 5 and beyond. Individually set up and tested in the UK, the instruments are created from the finest quality European aged tone woods.
  • The Secondo Series 4 looks amazing. A beautiful grained body not only looks like a high-end professional instrument, but sounds like one! A solid ebony fingerboard and pegs gives the Violin a stable and accurate feel. All of this beauty is protected in a protective, solid oblong case.

Series 6

  • The Forenza Secondo Series 6 has some minimal, but crucial, improvements over the series 4.
  • Improved figured, solid aged maple back, ribs and neck offer a greater foundation for tone and resonance throughout all ranges. And, the higher grade Forenza strings will ensure a depth of tone and intonation required for Grade 8 pieces and Orchestral repertoire.

String Summary

  • No matter what level of education you are teaching, directing or performing in, we have a suitable Violin that will meet your requirements. If you want quality and value, Normans is THE place to visit.
  • Regardless whether you need 1 Violin… or 101 Violins, it is not a problem. Educational music provision and promotion is in our genes and is our main focus.