The flute is one of the oldest instruments out there, invented thousands of years ago, so you can be sure that when you pick it, the skills that you learn will stay with you for years to come. Learning the flute, like almost all other instruments, requires patience and perseverance, which I can promise you, will give you a lifetime of fun and fulfilment.


If you are looking for an instrument that can give you countless different ensemble options, then you should absolutely sign up for flute lessons. Some of the different ensembles that flutes are used frequently in include concert and jazz bands, orchestra, wind bands, pit orchestra, flute choirs, military bands and more.

Educational Development

Playing an instrument takes a lot of brain power, muscle memory and neurological control. There have been numerous studies that prove people who play instruments have better memories and can better control their cognitive and motor functions better than those who do not play instruments. Children who learn music excel in abstract reasoning skills, literacy and math skills, and do better overall in academics.

Easy to maintain and easy to move around

When deciding to pick an instrument to learn, you should look for one that can be moved easily from place to place, especially if you do not want that you will struggle to haul to and from practice. The flute is one of the smallest instruments available, and the case that it comes with is similarly light and small. Unlike other larger instruments like tuba and trombone, you do not have to worry about things like temperature and humidity……..simply assemble it and blow!

Flute Opportunities

The flute is an extremely diverse and versatile instrument that is included in almost all types of ensembles, which is not the case of some instruments. As such, when you choose to learn and master it, the flute will introduce you to a world of new opportunities. There are a lot of flute players out there that start out in school and college bands and orchestras that go on to succeed as professional flute players.


Just like any time you overcome a tricky task or learn a new skill, learning to play a musical instrument, especially one like the Flute is something that will instil confidence in you. Learning musical theory and reading sheet music and learning to play an instrument, is a challenge. But it is the most rewarding and satisfying challenge that will stay with you for ever! People who play instruments tend to be more confident in their decision-making abilities, their musical skills, social skills, academic life, and problem solving.

You will be able to easily pick up other instruments

If you do decide that you love the flute and would like to try your hand at another instrument, you can transition easily without a lot of complications. For example, many flute players interested in jazz often transition to instruments that have similar fingerings as the flute such as the alto sax, tenor sax and clarinet. Should you want to join a marching band, you can also pick up an instrument like the piccolo.

Flutes are available in all shapes and sizes

Whether just starting out, very young, or an older/mature flute player, there is a flute suitable for you.

For the youngest children, you may want to start on the brilliant Nuvo TooT which is a smaller, lighter, and much easier to get a great sound out of, or if slightly older, the wonderful jFlute, which has a greater range and also comes in an array of attractive colours.

If you want a traditional silver flute, then Normans also has a great range of beautiful silver plated curved head flutes or straight standard models.

Flute Summary

Learning how to play the Flute is a great opportunity that offers plenty of benefits including improved coordination as well as reduced stress. If you think that you would like to start learning the Flute but are not exactly sure where to start, give us a call at Normans Musical Instruments, we’re here to help.