The Euphonium is the sweet and sonorous mainstay of the Brass Band Tenor Section. Over the years, there have been magnificent maestros of this wonderful instrument. Nick Childs, Stephen Mead, David Thornton and David Johnson to name but a few. One of the prohibitive aspects of purchasing even beginner Euphoniums is the cost. Here at Normans, we are proud to offer our carefully selected range from beginner to professional euphoniums to suit all standards and all budgets. All with amazing build quality, performance, reliability and value for money.

Third Section

Let me introduce you to the Montreux Student 3-Valve Euphonium, ideal for the developing and improving player who finally wants to own their own instrument. At around the £400 mark, this beautiful Euphonium plays as good as it looks! sonata-beginner-euphoniumDesigned and manufactured to high standards using pure brass, the tonal response and intonation will improve any enthusiastic player and section. The yellow-brass alloy will help your sound project across the venue, yet easily blend within the ensemble. Assisting the early techniques of articulation and valve timing, the precision engineered valves will not lag or impede the performance. These beginner Sonata Euphoniums are packaged in a bespoke and attractive wheeled case for optimum protection and comfortable transportation. And to put the icing on the ‘musical cake’, an excellent nickle-silver plate large shank mouthpiece.

Second Section

sonata-4-valve-beginner-euphoniumsThese traditional, yellow-brass lacquered non-compensating beginner Euphoniums offer a sound and quality far exceeding its price. The Montreux Student 4-Valve Euphonium offers any improving student the chance for a greater performance. With the addition of the fourth valve, this enables for a traditional fingering technique, and the resulting improvement of intonation. With the excellent design and build features of its younger sibling above, the 4-Valve version certainly doesn’t disappoint. It comes in at around the £650 mark, even better!

First Section

Let talk about the Besson New Standard 3 & 4 valve Euphonium. The 4-valve non-compensating Besson New Standard Euphonium is popular across student Wind Bands and Brass Bands across the globe. besson-beginner-euphoniumsIn the region of £1700 it offers a full sound and good intonation for the aspiring instrumentalist and the silver-plated finish makes it harder wearing than some models on the market. The fourth valve version allows for a greater range and improved intonation with alternative fingerings. The 3-valve £1000 ‘sibling’ version has the same excellent features, but slightly lighter in weight to aid younger players to perform to their potential. Both are truly well respected and robust, epitomising traditional junior and training brass band quality.

Championship Section

Montreux Concert Series 4-Valve Compensating Euphonium

This new Euphonium has taken its DNA from previous high-end instruments. Designed with the traditional and professional British Brass Band sound in mind, the brand-new Montreux Euphonium combines the highest of quality with outstanding value for money. Featuring the finest resonating brass alloys, the emphasis is on pure sound quality. The body and bell are yellow brass giving a bright and direct tonal projection, whilst the lead pipe is gold brass, offering a complimentary fuller, broader tone. A truly stunning instrument. montreux-euphoniumThe fully compensating 4-Valve Montreux Euphonium offers superior tonal qualities and sound projection for the advancing and dedicated musician, along with features often only found on professional instruments. The Euphonium features 4 compensating stainless steel valves achieving the slickest, smoothest of response, with an exquisite nickel silver plated finish. This enables players to reach the articulation and intonation required in the most demanding of musical pieces. This is the perfect choice for the progressing and dedicated player with a fully compensating system and 4th valve to help develop proper technique. It has been designed to provide a full and sonorous euphonium sound whilst ensuring players are able to project with confidence. A design created to the highest of standards with attention to detail, complimented with a solid, protective case featuring a faux leather trim, soft luxury interior, 2 wheels and a secure and durable carrying handle. Oh... did you see the price? I hope you are sat down; Less than £1500… unbelievable!

Besson BE967 Sovereign Euphonium

besson-euphoniumThe Sovereign BE967 euphonium is the standard large bore instrument of the brass band world. Since the inception of the Sovereign euphonium in 1972, this instrument has led the way with a sound quality. It perfectly exemplifies the meaning of the word euphonium itself, 'beautiful sounding', with a cantabile style all of its own. Key features are the 4 valves with the compensating tuning system, 3 water keys and the innovative positioning of the leadpipe away from the bell for a lively response. Similar specifications and tonal performance as the Montreux… but at nearly £5,000 more! You decide. I did, and treated myself to a brilliant new Euphonium, and a new hatchback car!

Albert Hall Championship Winner

If you aspire to be the best, and nothing but the very best will do, Normans Musical Instruments offer you the finest examples of Euphonium manufacture.

Besson Prestige Euphonium

besson-prestige-euphoniumOffering a true benchmark in quality, the Besson Prestige Euphonium is a popular choice with advanced and professional players all over the world. This instrument is beautifully engineered and finished, providing you with a rich, stunning sound and effortless playing experience. Performing a range of musical pieces has never been more enjoyable! The Besson Prestige is arguably the best Euphonium on the market at the moment. If you look beyond the (slightly gimmicky) main tuning slide trigger you've got an impressively engineered and great specification instrument which plays wonderfully. Throughout the process, world renowned Euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead has been closely involved in the design. He has also been involves with the testing of the new instruments and he is truly delighted with the results.

Yamaha Neo YEP642SII Euphonium

Working together with World-renowned brass band conductor Bill Millar and Yamaha brass band consultant David King, the technical staff started with a clean slate creating numerous euphonium prototypes. They were eventually contented that the ideal brass band sound that they were seeking had been attained. This new euphonium delivers a brighter tone with powerful and excellent projection. yamaha-euphoniumYamaha’s Neo series focuses on developing the playability of your instrument. By making subtle improvements to a variety of features, Yamaha have achieved a series of instruments that work for the musician in a more efficient way. The one-piece bell has been improved for a more responsive sound with rich tonality. These euphoniums aren’t just designed for tonal improvements, but also for a more comfortable playability that works for the musician. The high quality yellow brass has warm, deep characteristics, as well as a stunning aesthetic. Included with the Yamaha Neo Euphonium is a hard case and mouthpiece. The EPC-63 case is moulded for the Neo Euphonium making it safe to take to concerts and rehearsals alike. The 51L mouthpiece has a relatively large inner rim diameter with large cup volume for a dark sound.


So as you can see, no matter what standard you are or what your budget is, we have an amazing range of beginner to professional Euphoniums just for you (including our % free finance!). If you want nothing but the best (value-for-money), we have just the thing… Montreux!!