Yamaha Recorders
Yamaha Recorders... Around the world Yamaha are renowned for their precision engineering, modern design and customer satisfaction. This ethos and quality continues, from the intricate details in manufacturing high end Saxophones to the production of simple recorders. yamaha recorders In this blog, I will introduce you to the great range of Yamaha Recorders. All the way from the entry level school instrument up to the professional standard Recorders used by some of the greatest folk styled bands and groups across the world.

Yamaha YRS24BUK Brown Descant Recorder

We can all vaguely remember playing an old brown plastic, cracked and possibly ‘aromatic’ recorder during our early school days. Well times have changed. With much better production techniques, more resilient ABS resin compound and an improved note production and tone... but still brown! The Yamaha YRS24BUK, (sometimes referred to as a Soprano,) at under £10, is an instrument of beauty! This entry level recorder is popular with schools because of its crafted three-piece design. This makes it easy to play and easy to clean. This descant recorder comes in a stylish dark brown finish and is ideal for lessons, practice and live performances. Recognised in schools for its affordable price, the descant recorder is also known for its ability to a produce a clear and distinct tone. Something you expect as standard from Yamaha. Especially ideal for young musicians or beginners, this recorder also comes with a cleaning rod, fingering chart to help you learn to play, and an attractive protective cloth carry case.yamaha recorders YRS24BUK

Yamaha YRS20 and YRS302B Brown & White Descant Recorders

If you love everything about the entry level recorder above, but still have an aversion to ‘brown’, then we have the answer, with the Yamaha YRS20 range, with optional colour schemes; we stock the following very appealing semi-translucent colours; Pink; Blue; and Green. For a very professional looking instrument that is affordable, I strongly recommend the two-tone Brown & White YRS302B. It really does sound and look amazing!yamaha recorders

Yamaha YRN22B Brown and 302B Brown and White Sopranino Recorders

The sopranino recorder is the second smallest recorder of the modern recorder family, and was the smallest before the 17th century. Both the YRN22B and 302B recorders have a slightly brighter, medieval tone, but still retain the high-quality construction expected of a Yamaha instrument. They are a two-piece design making for easier cleaning and assembly. yamaha recorders

Yamaha YRT304B Brown Tenor Recorder

And now for something completely different! If you are wanting to form or perform in a Recorder Choir or Group, to fully explore the true tonal range and perform four-part orchestrations, you will require more than soprano descant recorders. Yamaha have met this requirement with their YTR304B Tenor Recorder. In addition to the more common soprano and alto recorders, ensembles often call for other keys such as tenor, bass, and even 'Great' bass recorders. Here at Normans Musical Instruments we stock the Yamaha YTR304B Tenor Recorder. This new model, Rottenburg style Tenor incorporates Yamaha's wooden design expertise, split keys, and with the convenience and durability of an ABS material. It is suitable for solo and ensemble playing, offering a focused, mellow intonation and articulation which is balanced in all registers. It is the Pavarotti of the recorder world! yamaha recorders

Yamaha YRB302B Brown and White Bass Recorder

The ‘Big Daddy’ of your ensemble! A quality bass recorder, again, made from durable ABS resin. The YRB302B features a four-piece construction and is in the Rottenburg style. The recorder is specifically designed to mimic a pricier handcrafted wooden model, whilst still offering the same precise and beautiful lower register tones. A wonderful and deep sonorous recorder to fully complete your ensemble, and to wake the ghosts of Hogwarts! yamaha recorders


If you are looking for a recorder, or a set of recorders, you would struggle to better a Yamaha instrument purchase. The low prices will astound you and the great sound production will amaze you. Great design. Great performance!