Pianos are big instruments, and so many pianists share a common problem when it comes to buying a new model.

‘Where will it go? Will it fit against the wall?’

These are all questions which go through your mind and quite rightly so. Let’s introduce the Yamaha YDP-S54.

What Is It?

I’ll keep it simple. The YDP-S54 is a new digital piano from Yamaha which aims to give players an exceptional playing experience, but keeps it all in a much sleeker cabinet. Many apartments and smaller studio environments don’t have enough floor space for the big, bulky cabinets. This is where it comes into play. Don’t let the size put you off though. The YDP-S54 has the same sound quality as bigger Yamaha models, and so you can still expect concert grand piano tones flowing through your room. YDP-S54

The Technical Bit

Even though it’s a slimmer cabinet, the piano still has 88 fully weighted keys so you can get an excellent touch response. ydps54Of course, it does focus on delivering a concert piano sound, but it does include additional voices including pianos, organs, strings and a few others. Enough to keep everyone entertained for sure. Built into the cabinet comes 3 piano style pedals (soft, sostenuto and sustain), meaning all styles of music up to and beyond a Grade 8 standard of playing can be achieved. Music teachers often try and recommend students to get these if they can, just so you can start using them straight away.

Anything Else?

Well, for sure! The YDP-S54 has a dual headphone socket located on the front, meaning two pairs of Headphones can be connected at the same time. Again, perfect for a teacher/student environment. With this latest model also, it integrates Yamaha’s new mobile app ‘Smart Pianist’. Connecting the piano to this allows you to control and add different settings to your music. It does also feature dual/split, metronome, recording and much more, so all in all, it is a pretty fabulous piano! piano-headphones

If you do have any questions on the YDP-S54 and if it’s the one for you, get in touch with us; we’ll be more than happy to play Cupid. 😉