Following on from the success of the YDP143 released back in 2016, Yamaha have continued to work and improve on the sound and touch of this extraordinary piano. What has that led to?

The YDP164!

Designed for pianists of an intermediate to professional standard of playing, the YDP164 is the best way to recreate the response and sound from an acoustic grand piano.

The basics

One of the most crucial elements to any digital piano is how it feels to the player. If you are taking lessons, teachers will often advise to get an instrument which has weighted and full-size keys. Lucky for you, the YDP164 has got both. Having the full 88 note range allows you to play any piece of music you set your heart on. As this is the same as what an acoustic piano has, you won’t ever need to get a larger keyboard! piano-keys

What else has it got?

Good question, and more than likely the reason why you’re reading this blog. Well let me help! As well as the weighted keys, the YDP164 also includes 3 piano style pedals to open more musical possibilities! The same as an acoustic piano, they normally start being used in pieces Grade 5 +, so teachers will often recommend having them ready to use! It’s also not just a piano… You can play and have fun with 10 different voices, all built into the YDP164. Electric pianos, organs, strings – it’s all in there! However, the most impressive has to be the 9’ CFX Concert Grand Piano. With the powerful bass and pure high tones, you can turn your front living room into a fully immersive concert hall! grand-piano Of course, being a digital piano, you do get a dual headphone input. This is perfect for those late night practice sessions, whether you need to rehearse an exam piece or shred some scales!

Enhance your music further

Moving with the times, you can now connect your digital piano to a smart device for even more fun. Brand new with the YDP164 is compatibility with Yamaha’s mobile app ‘Smart Pianist’. This allows you to add a range of incredible features to your music, making your performances sound and feel more professional! YDP164

These are just some of the incredible functions and features of the YDP164. To find out more, get in touch with our Sales Team who will be happy to tell you all about it!