When finding the right trumpet for you and your abilities, it can be hard. We've all been there! So we want to help you and tell you all about these two amazing brands and the trumpets that they have to offer; Yamaha and pTrumpet.

In the Blue Corner

There are currently many great debates and comparisons;

Electric Cars vs Petrol/Diesel

Meat vs Vegetarian/Veganism

HS2 vs Just improve the current railways

Brexit or Remain (sorry!)

However, in the musical instrument world, we tend to be more level-headed, and rarely instigate a heated debate or discussion. Well, apart from the usual Beatles vs Rolling Stones, Fender or Gibson, Trumpet 1C or 3C, Bagpipes or Noise Cancelling Headphones (easy!). YAMAHA-AND-PTRUMPET But now there is a ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ in the world of Trumpets! A few years ago, Warwick Music Group introduced the first plastic pBone & pTrumpet. Inexpensive, fun, colourful and good-sounding ‘horns’. They have now upped their game, and I introduce you to the new and exciting HyTech Trumpet. This student/intermediate level Bb Trumpet is making musical waves, so here I will compare it to the tried & tested Yamaha YTR2330 Trumpet. So what will it be? Yamaha or pTrumpet...

Ding Ding, let’s Begin

Design; buy-yamahaThe Yamaha YTR2330 is a traditional Bb Trumpet, made of resonant yellow-brass giving an impressive, bright and projected tone across all registers and dynamic ranges. The monel alloy pistons and precision valve block offer a smooth and accurate articulation as expected, and intonation is enhanced with the adjustable 3rd valve trigger ring. buy-hytech-ptrumpetThe HyTech Trumpet however marks a new chapter in trumpet evolution, combining metal and polymer, this hybrid instrument delivers a performance standard of high-quality student trumpets. By using the latest manufacturing techniques, hyTech has been able to combine both materials, keeping the trumpet ultra-lightweight and durable while also being resonant.

All those For”...

Playability; The Yamaha Trumpets continue to offer a reliable and consistent sound and projection expected of such a reputable brand. Pristine tone and intonation, excellent smooth valves and accessible 1st valve tuning slide make for a great performance, especially in the higher register. The finger hook makes the playing position very comfortable. The HyTech uses stainless-steel pistons housed in a yellow-brass valve block manufactured to the highest tolerances, so articulates as good as the Yamaha. The leadpipe found on the hyTech pTrumpet uses patented hybrid technology that perfectly joins brass and ABS. This style of leadpipe assists with note production and tone, especially when using a metal mouthpiece. The polymer bell and body do not hinder the tonal projection and resonance as you might expect, in fact, it sounds just as good as the Yamaha, especially in the lower registers. It also has the advantage of a 3rd valve tuning slide, but the ‘game changer’ when playing the HyTech is the weight. At only 0.635 Kg, it is unbelievably light in comparison to the Yamaha, and so is ideal for younger players to ease fatigue, as well as ‘senior’ pro’s who want to add a bit of exuberant choreography to their performance without the worry of damage or a lack of sound quality. Appearance; The Yamaha, as you would expect, has a pristine and recognised clear lacquer or silver finish... as does the HyTech, but with an added option of a Black finish! Even though the HyTech is polymer ABS, the finish is indistinguishable to the gold lacquered or silver finish of the Yamaha. Beautifully bright, and won’t scratch as easily as the Yamaha, and certainly won’t dent... because it can’t! I could not tell the difference until I got as close as I possibly could. Even then it was only because I touched them!

All those Against”...

Looking at the small negatives found when comparing these brilliant Yamaha and pTrumpet trumpets was negligible. Nit-picking some may say!


Much heavier than the hyTech
Can dent easier
Doesn't produce as good a tone in the lower register
Case supplied is padded yet slightly awkward to get the trumpet in and out
Case doesn't have back straps


Stigma that a plastic trumpet can't sound as good as a traditional trumpet
Other slight comments regarding the HyTech; not as good intonation in the higher register and the valves are minimally noisier. However, I think that may be down to my ability and chubby fingers and not the hyTech! Plus, the 3rd valve tuning slide is slightly awkward to operate. Like I said, chubby fingers and nit-picking!

Knock-Out; Ring the (polymer) Bell

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought regarding these two great, but certainly different Trumpets. On looks and sound, you can hardly tell the difference, but on weight, Wow! Finally, at the current prices, the Yamaha in gold lacquer finish is £180 more expensive than the HyTech, and in Silver finish, £300 more expensive! What I would say is, I’ve played them both, and the HyTech does not sound £300 inferior to the Yamaha. In fact, it doesn’t sound inferior at all!!
which-trumpet Which trumpet do you prefer?
If you want like to try either of the Yamaha or pTrumpet models, let us know and we can arrange this for you. Call us on 01283 535 333 or email us at sales@normans.co.uk.