Axus 88 Note Folding Digital Piano

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Introducing the Axus AXF12 88 Note Folding Digital Piano, the perfect companion for aspiring musicians and seasoned players on the move! This remarkable instrument combines convenience and versatility, offering a full-size piano experience in a compact and foldable design.

The AXF12 boasts 88 semi-weighted keys, providing an authentic and responsive feel that replicates the touch of an acoustic piano. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn or an experienced player seeking a portable solution, this digital piano is tailored to meet your needs.

With 128 tones and rhythms at your fingertips, the AXF12 offers endless possibilities for creativity and expression. From rich grand pianos to vibrant strings, mellow organs to dynamic percussion, you can explore a vast range of sounds to suit any musical style or genre. The built-in rhythms add depth and excitement to your performances, allowing you to play along with various beats and patterns.

Designed with portability in mind, the Axus AXF12 folds in half, making it incredibly easy to transport and store. No more struggling with bulky instruments or worrying about finding adequate space! Whether you're a traveling musician, a gigging artist, or a student moving between lessons, this digital piano is your ultimate companion.

This is a versatile instrument that offers a range of features and functions to enhance your playing experience. One of its notable features is the Transpose function, allowing you to shift the pitch of the entire keyboard up or down in semitone increments, making it easier to play along with different instruments or accommodate vocal ranges. The Sustain function allows you to sustain the sound of the notes, adding richness and depth to your playing. With the Recording feature, you can capture and save your performances, enabling you to listen back, review, and share your music with others. The Dual/Layer function enables you to combine two different sounds, such as piano and strings, and play them simultaneously, creating more expressive and textured performances. Additionally, the built-in Metronome helps you stay in time and develop your sense of rhythm by providing a steady beat.

We understand that convenience is key, and that's why the AXF12 comes complete with a convenient carry bag, ensuring your instrument is protected while on the move. Additionally, the included sustain pedal adds a touch of realism to your playing, allowing you to sustain notes and create expressive melodies.

To top it off, the AXF12 has 6 hours of battery life that can be charged with the USB charger, ensuring that you never run out of power during practice or performances. You can simply connect it to a power source or even use a power bank, providing you with the freedom to play anywhere, anytime.


  • 88 Semi-Weighted Keys
  • 128 Voices, 128 Rhythms, 20 Demo Songs
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Includes Power Adaptor with USB Charger
  • Transpose, Sustain, Recording, Dual/Layer and Metronome
  • USB MIDI input to record
  • Headphone Output and 2 x 2.5w speakers

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